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    Embedded CANbus

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Controller Area Network (CAN) bus dominates the automotive industry, and, since its a robust, error-detecting protocol, its also widely used in automation and control environments, ships, locomotives and medical equipment. A twisted pair multidrop cable is specified with a length ranging from 1,000m at 40Kbps to 40m at 1Mbps. All nodes on the network receive each message and then decide whether that identifier value is of interest.

Here youll find a compact series of CANcontrollerBOXes, intelligent CAN-USB converters, and CANlook software from Janz; CANstick a CANbus OBD datalogger from IHR; and CANxtra a .Net development box with built-in CANbus port.

CAN-USB   Intelligent CANBus-USB Interface
CAN-USB Intelligent CANBus-USB Interface
Price: $349.00
CANlook2 - CANBus Display Software
CANlook2 - CANBus Display Software
Price: $998.97
CANstick Basic - CANBus Data Logger
CANstick Basic - CANBus Data Logger
Price: $1,218.83
LINbus I/O Module
LINbus I/O Module
Price: $3,363.58
emPC-A/RPI3 Embedded Computing System Raspberry     Pi 3 Module
emPC-A/RPI3 Embedded Computing System Raspberry
Price: $319.80
emVIEW-7/RPI3 7
emVIEW-7/RPI3 7" Embedded Computing Touch Panel Sy
Price: $665.00

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