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Semi-custom internal PCB antennas

What is a semi-custom antenna?   A semi-custom internal PCB antenna is a PCB antenna that has been tuned specifically for a customer’s device or application. It is based on an existing EAD antenna PCB or EAD reference design.

Why would customers want a semi-customized solution?  It is difficult to integrate standard multiband internal antennas into compact wireless devices. The challenges of the enclosed environment and the effects of nearby components, batteries, modules, etc. influence the tuning of a standard antenna, so a semi-custom version allows the antenna to be optimized.

What are the benefits?   The advantage of a semi-custom antenna is that often the tuning work can be done at low cost. As an existing antenna product is the base for the design, it possible to perform optimization to the customer’s product quickly and cost-effectively. Once the tuning work is completed, the antenna invariably performs better and is more efficient that an off-the-shelf solution, especially in compact devices.

How long does it take to provide a semi-custom solution?  Typically from the point at which the customization quote is accepted, EAD aims to provide a solution within 3-4 weeks. The optimization quote includes the supply of 5 samples for the customer to evaluate.

Other EAD antennae types can be customized for house color, lead length, connector type, etc.  Minimum quantities of as little as 100 pcs can be entertained.

Please email support@saelig.com with your requirements.

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