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    Single Channel AC

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Preen AFV-P-600A Programmable AC        600VA/0-310VAC/15-1000Hz
Preen AFV-P-600A Programmable AC 600VA/0-31
Price: $2,670.00
Preen AFV-P-600B Programmable AC      600VA/0-310VAC/40-500Hz
Preen AFV-P-600B Programmable AC 600VA/0-310V
Price: $2,350.00
Preen AFV-P-1250A Programmable AC        1250VA/0-310VAC/15-1000
Preen AFV-P-1250A Programmable AC 1250VA/0-
Price: $3,550.00
Preen AFV-P-1250B Programmable AC       1250VA/0-310VAC/40-500Hz
Preen AFV-P-1250B Programmable AC 1250VA/0-3
Price: $3,250.00
Preen AFV-P-2500A Programmable AC         2500VA/0-310VAC/15-1000Hz
Preen AFV-P-2500A Programmable AC 2500VA/0
Price: $4,730.00
Preen AFV-P-2500B Programmable AC         2500VA/0-310VAC/40-500Hz
Preen AFV-P-2500B Programmable AC 2500VA/0
Price: $4,370.00
Preen AFV-P-5000A Programmable AC         5000VA/0-310VAC/15-1000Hz
Preen AFV-P-5000A Programmable AC 5000VA/0
Price: $8,360.00
Preen AFV-P-5000B Programmable AC      5000VA/0-310VAC/40-500Hz
Preen AFV-P-5000B Programmable AC 5000VA/0-31
Price: $7,650.00
Preen AFV Programmable AC Power Source Series
Preen AFV Programmable AC Power Source Series
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Preen AFC AC Power Source Series
Preen AFC AC Power Source Series
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