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Some folks have been asking where our newsletters are! They said that they like receiving them at least once a month to find out what's new, what's hot, etc. I hope you find this useful too. And thank you for purchasing from us! You know you can trust us to faithfully support you in purchasing the best product for your needs. Even if that's a product we don't sell, we'll tell you!

Alan Lowne, CEO




The GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch Optical Spectrophotometer is being used by Philips Lighting at the Chelsea Football Club arena. Philips Lighting using our device in one of the best stadiums in the world - the famous Chelsea Football Club Arena (Stamford Bridge, UK). Mike Simpson, technical and design director said that "The GL Optic device allows us to rapidly and accurately assess the quality (brightness, color and stability) of LED-based lighting installations. The  GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch 

is a very fast spectrometer and easy to use in the field."

Chelsea Stadium



Siglent scopes price reductions and discounts.


Siglent's entry-level scope offerings have just been reduced in price. Quite a bargain! The 100MHz SDS1102CML+ was $359 - NEW price is $319 and the 50MHz SDS1052DL+ was $279 - NEW price is $259. 


For a limited time, our popular SDS2000X family of oscilloscopes (100 / 200 / 300 MHz models) is available at a significant savings, with a giant 30% discount off the regular price! This is the largest price promotion we have ever had on the SDS2000X family. In addition, you can purchase the MSO option (LA and SPL2016 logic probe) at their regular price and receive the Serial Decode (DC) and Function Generator (FG) options at no charge. This total savings can reach $1220! This is one of our ways of thanking you for helping Siglent Technologies grow so significantly over recent years. 


SDS2000X Family


Siglent's SDG1032X 30MHz 2-channel AWG signal generators has also been reduced to $359 - a $40 savings!




And starting from January 1st, 2017, Siglent products feature a free NIST traceable Calibration Certificates.



For a limited time, Rigol Technologies are offering Free Options with the purchase of a DS4000 or MSO4000 oscilloscope.

Rigol Promotion



Pico Automotive

Have you seen all the amazing things that Pico Automotive Test Kits™ can do for testing car problems? Lots of videos show how to use these comprehensive kits for testing all aspects of car performance.  Kits are available in four versions to suit almost every user. A Pico Automotive Test Kit™ can be used to measure and test virtually all of the electrical and electronic components and circuits in modern vehicles, including: ignition (primary & secondary); injectors & fuel pumps; starter & charging circuits; ABS sensors; crank & cam sensors; lambda, airflow, knock & MAP sensors, glow plugs; timer relays; relative compression tests, and more.



amfeltec Easy LoaderThe In-Circuit Programmer/Loader ("EasyLoader" or "eLoader")

is a standalone device that was designed to provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for electronic device manufacturers, as well as for hardware design companies and their customers. It allows you to upgrade code on any JTAG/SPI/I2C compliant device (like FPGA/CPLD/EEprom/Flash, etc.) or microcontrollers at any time of development, testing or production.



HVFO103The Teledyne LeCroy HVFO103

is a high voltage fiber-optically isolated 60MHz oscilloscope probe that is optimally designed for the measurement of small signals floating on a high voltage bus in power electronics designs. Optical isolation between the probe tip and the oscilloscope input reduces adverse loading of a device under test. It also reduces noise, distortion, ringing, overshoots, and transients on the measured signal. It far surpasses the measurement capabilities and signal fidelity of both conventional HV differential probes and acquisition systems that rely on galvanic channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground high voltage isolation. Furthermore, it mitigates reliance on dangerous test setups that require floating the oscilloscope and probe, or investments in specialized isolated oscilloscope or data acquisition systems that result in other performance compromises.



Confused by dBm? When you're working with RF power, you sometimes need to know the voltage level for a given power. The table in this link provides a chart to convert between dBm, watts and voltage - peak to peak in a 50Ohm system.




Owon Test Equipment Sale

While supplies last! 10% off our entire Owon line including sale items. Use coupon OWON10

*Applies only to Owon inventory in stock*



And finally ...

Kim Garst writes an interesting article in a recent blog:

"It's easy to look at very successful people and feel jealous, or to assume they're successful simply because of luck or chance. But the truth is, there are certain things that many outrageously successful people tend to have in common - and these things have nothing to do with luck. In fact, these habits are things you can replicate in your own life, giving YOU the best chance of success in life and business. Here are 15 things outrageously successful people do every day!"

Kim Garst

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