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See the difference: High-Resolution Differential Oscilloscope 

PQ088 _PS4444_


We are delighted to launch our latest product, the PicoScope 4444 differential oscilloscope.


* 4 differential inputs

* 20 MHz bandwidth

* 12 to 14 bit resolution

* 1000 V CAT III probes

* Low-voltage probes

* Current probes


The PicoScope 4444 rejects large DC offsets that would overload a conventional scope.  Safely measure voltages up to 1000 V CAT III with the PicoConnect 442 passive differential voltage probe. Use the PicoConnect 441 1:1 passive differential probe to measure millivolt-level signals in the presence of noise.  Additional current probes and adaptors bring even more applications. 

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Video of the month: PicoScope 4444 


In this month's video, Pico's Carl Bradbury shows how the new PicoScope 4444 can help you to make accurate differential measurements.


This video is accompanied by the first in a series of application notes produced by our friends over at DesignSpark.






Single- and 3-phase flexible 

AC current probes 


Also new this month, we bring you the TA325 and TA326 flex current probes, which use Rogowski coil technology to measure AC currents up to 3000A.

* 30/300/3000A AC RMS

* 10 Hz to 20 kHz bandwidth

* Flexible sensor coils for hard-to-reach conductors

* Non-magnetic: no saturation


The TA325 is a 3-phase current probe with three sensor coils and three scope connection leads, all color-coded to match Channels A, B and C in the PicoScope software. Typical battery life is 1000 hours.

The TA326 is the single-phase equivalent, with a typical battery life of 2000 hours.

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Tech Tip: Sorting Serial Decoding data fields in PicoScope 6

You can now sort the data in the Serial Decoding data window by any field.

Simply click on the field header to sort the table by that field in ascending order, and click again to sort in descending order. To restore the default order, sort by Packet.

The PicoScope 6 software sorts by value rather than by string, so if you are using a link file and have converted numerical codes into plain text, the data will be sorted by the underlying value. 


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