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Summer is upon us and many are taking well-deserved vacations. My wife and I took a trip to East Africa to visit some schools, hospitals, and universities in Burundi, Rwanda, and Kenya. Starting in the slums of Nairobi, where over 1 million live in poverty, it was great to see kids coming to the school our denomination funds; it's the only way to a different life. It makes you appreciate all we have ....
And speaking of all we have: here are some new products that may be just what you need to speed your next project on its way!

Alan Lowne, CEO




Vector Network Analyzer


 The Pico Technology PicoVNA 106 Low-Cost Vector Network Analyzer is an economical USB-controlled, professional-grade 300kHz to 6GHz Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) with excellent performance, portability, and affordability. It is priced at less than a quarter of the cost of its competition yet provides similar performance. Despite its small size and low cost, its full-function, minimal-error, 'Quad RX' four-receiver architecture supports both 8- and 12-term calibration without the uncorrectable switching errors, delays, and unreliability of traditional three-receiver designs. The instrument supports convenient calibration methods such as 'enhanced isolation correction' and 'unknown thru'.

This is a straightforward, accurate, fast, portable and low-cost measurement vector network analyzer that supports developing applications such as 5G, IoT, radar, and tissue and materials imaging. The PicoVNA 106 is also cost-effective as a high-dynamic-range scalar network analyzer where phase measurements are not needed, or even as a single-port vector reflectometer.


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Programmable DC Electronic Loads

DL3000 Series

Rigol's new  DL3000 Series 200W/350W Programmable DC Electronic Loads are versatile yet economical single output 150V 40A/60A units. With a user-friendly interface and excellent performance specifications the DL3000 series is useful for simulating a variety of load conditions for both equipment and components.  The 4.3" color TFT LCD clearly shows multiple instrument parameters and conditions simultaneously. RS232, USB, and LAN interfaces come standard for the remote control of these electronic loads, with GPIB available as an option.

The DL3000 series offers four static operation modes (constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance, and constant power) as well as three dynamic operation modes (continuous, pulsed, and toggled). The DL3000 series protects against over-voltage, over-current, over-power, over-temperature, and reverse-voltage situations. Complex operational sequences can be generated by editing the setting values for each load step condition, dwell time, and slew rate to meet sophisticated test demands. For instance, the transient test function enables the load to periodically switch between two set levels at up to 30kHz to test the response characteristics of a device being tested. Set-up and sequence files can be saved to, or recalled from, internal and external memories. 

The built-in tests include a battery test function, over-current protection test, over-power protection test, factory test function, short-circuit test, etc. A number of software-enabled licenses are also optionally available to suit additional test needs, including high frequency, high slew-rate, and digital I/O.


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Mercury™ T2C Protocol Analyzer 

Mercury T2CThe Teledyne LeCroy Mercury™ T2C USB 2.0 & Power Delivery Protocol Analyzer offers the newest USB Type-C connection in a small and affordable hardware-based USB protocol analyzer. It is the industry's first ultra-portable, hardware-based event triggering, USB and Power Delivery protocol analyzer. It combines the de-facto standard CATC Trace™ display, comprehensive USB class decoding, and PD 2.0 protocol analysis. The pocket-sized, bus-powered Mercury™ T2C sits in-line between the host and device and provides transparent capture of all USB transactions.

Within minutes of installing the Windows PC-compatible software, users will be viewing USB traffic from the lowest packet layer to the fully decoded class level operations. It graphically decodes logical protocol events to show the underlying transactions and packets. Decoding of upper level transactions allows users to see logical protocol events within the trace, eliminating the manual decoding of device-specific commands. With event triggering and real time spool-to-disk capture the T2C has advanced capabilities that reduce time to market for USB systems and software. 

The Mercury™ T2C includes 256MB of memory and cables to interface directly with USB 2.0 devices and the new Type-C devices. Available with USB 2.0 only, USB PD only, or both USB and PD analysis, the Mercury™ T2C features non-intrusive probing to preserve real-world signal and timing conditions.


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BPA Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer

BPATeledyne LeCroy's Frontline BPA low energy Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer is a powerful and portable protocol analyzer for wireless transmissions that adhere to Bluetooth low energy specifications. Ideal for field or lab use, the BPA low energy analyzer is USB powered, eliminating the need for an external power supply. This analyzer supports all of the mandatory Bluetooth low energy features through Bluetooth version 4.2, and ships with Frontline software allowing Bluetooth developers to see events as they occur live, decoding and decrypting the Bluetooth data for full analysis and troubleshooting issues.

Smaller than a deck of cards (3.5" X 1.75" X 0.71"), this BPA low energy analyzer decodes all Bluetooth low energy traffic - including advertising packets, data packets, and LL control packets. It scans all three advertising channels concurrently, allowing a single BPA low energy analyzer to detect connection requests from initiators on any of the three advertising channels. Once the connection is established, the BPA low energy analyzer follows the link across all Bluetooth low energy channels, capturing and displaying information sent back and forth between the connected devices or piconets, decrypting and decoding the data transmitted and received by the devices using various profiles and protocols.

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Saelig News

ABI BoardMasterAs part of an ongoing modernization of their electronics support shop, the San Francisco Municipal Railway (SFMTA) has awarded Saelig Co. Inc. a contract for the supply of ABI Electronics equipment for satisfying their PCB repair, maintenance and schematic generation needs. The SFMTA is the public transit system for the city and county of San Francisco and its network, includes seven light rail lines that operate both above ground and in the city's subway tube (called Muni Metro), as well as three cable car lines, and two heritage streetcar lines.

Siemens S200 LRVFollowing the acquisition of 260 new Siemens' S200 SF Light Rail Vehicles, the SFMTA was faced with the challenge of restructuring the electronic support shop in order to continue to repair and maintain the modern electronic systems installed in the new trains. The test solutions and simulators developed over the years to support the previous Breda LVR2/3 series would no longer be suitable. Furthermore, the challenge of essential maintenance documentation for the new trains made it impossible for the team of experts at the SFMTA to develop custom test solutions. This situation prompted the management to procure alternative solutions. After a public tender process completed in March 2017, ABI's products emerged as the winner and Saelig Company Inc., ABI's master distributor in the USA, received a contract for US$180,000 for the supply of multiple packages featuring the solutions proposed.

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