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Dear Colleague,

I hope you enjoyed a break over the Independence Day holiday (alternatively the Colonial Rebellion Day or Brexit 1776). So if you are interested in other high-powered issues, here are some of our products that will allow you to make precision measurements at high voltages.

Alan Lowne - CEO




Newly-introduced Unique Isolated High Voltage 4-Ch 200MHz Oscilloscope

CS448The Cleverscope CS448 is a unique isolated 4-channel 200MHz 14-bit oscilloscope designed to measure high voltage, fast slew-rate signals such as those in a full or three-phase power electronic switching bridge. This unique isolated high common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) scope has been created from the ground up to accurately measure small voltages while exposed to large (<1000V) swings.  It has been specifically designed to measure, for instance, gate drives (voltage and charge), power switching (loss and parasitic stress), output signals (power and spectrum for EMC compliance), and control system signals for gain/phase and stability, etc.  The CS448 includes a built-in isolated 65MHz signal generator to provide stimulus signals, and eight isolated 100Mb/s logic inputs to measure control signals. Two CS448's can be joined to make an 8-channel oscilloscope with coherent sampling.  While the input ranges are +/-0.8V and +/-8.0V, attenuating probes are used to extend the range up to 800V.  The application software automatically scales all values to compensate for probe attenuation.

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The Clipper CLP1500V15A1 Measurement Probe Adapter

The ClipperThe Clipper is a test device which allows the design or reliability engineer to visualize what is happening dynamically inside a power transistor.  The Clipper has been designed as a compact scope probe adapter for measuring the on-time switching performance of a high voltage power transistor (FET or IGBT).  Measuring the ON voltage across a switching power transistor is a difficult task. The large dynamic range of the input signal makes it very tricky to measure with reasonable accuracy the ON voltages from say 50mV to 500mV in the presence of switching voltages of many 100s of volts. This causes either a resolution problem, when the oscilloscope is set to 100V/Div, or oscilloscope input amplifier overload, when set to 200mV per division. In this case, distortion and offset of the measured signal can occur, making the measured voltage unusable.  The Clipper allows the engineer to be able to visualize the power dissipation in the transistor to guarantee the SOA (safe operating area), and to measure the thermal management (Heatsink) design. 
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GW Instek GPT-9601 100VA AC Withstanding Voltage Tester

GPT-9601The GPT-9601 AC-Withstanding Safety Tester is an economical solution for routine automatic testing of products against common safety standards such as IEC, EN, UL, CSA, GB, JIS and other safety regulations. The GPT-9600 Series is built on a platform of 100VA AC maximum power output, and the core of the platform design is a high-efficiency PWM amplifier to mitigate the effect of any input AC voltage fluctuations to ensure a stable voltage output. The GPT-9601 indicates the expected output voltage prior to high voltage tests being applied.
Other functions and features of GPT-9601 include:

  • zero crossing turn-on operation to protect DUT from the impact of surge voltage output 
  • interlock function safeguards users from the hazardous shock of unintentional touching of the voltage output
  • remote output on-off terminal in the front panel and a signal I/O port allows for remote start/stop control
  • I/O port for pass/fail/test monitoring and start/stop control/interlock

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GW Instek PSB-2800H 800V/6A/800W Flexible Power Supply

PSB-2800HThe PSB-2000 series is a high power density, programmable and multi-range output DC power supply. There are six models in the series including one power booster unit. The PSB-2800H has an output voltage capability of up to 800V and an output power range up to 800W. The multi-range output functionality facilitates flexible collocations of higher voltage and larger current under the rated power range. Both series and parallel connections can be applied to the PSB-2000 series to fulfill the requirements of higher power output ranges. The PSB-2000 series protects against over voltage and over current. Analog control and analog monitor interfaces on the rear panel are used to control the PSB-2000 output via the external voltage, or to externally monitor voltage and current output status of power supply. A unique feature is that the PSB-2000 panel can be rotated 90 degree angle suitable for vertical or horizontal position to accommodate the ideal space utilization.

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Model 9200A 500kHz 400Vp-p Dual-Channel Signal Amplifier 

Model 9200A

The Tabor Model 9200A is a general purpose, high voltage wideband amplifier. It has two independent 500kHz channels in a small case size that saves space and cost without compromising bandwidth and signal integrity. The 9200A amplifies signals to +/-200V (400Vp-p) with up to 100mA output current. 

There are two modes of operation: 

Normal Mode: Each channel amplifies and outputs bipolar signals with a fixed gain of x50.  In this mode, the input signal is amplified without modifying its original properties except in amplitude level; each channel can be used separately to amplify a unique signal.
Unipolar Mode: The signal is applied to one input, then it is rectified, amplified, and output through two separate outputs. Using this mode, the amplifier is converted to a one-input, two-output system specifically designed to operate the up/down and right/left actuators of a typical MEMS micro engine, as well as for other applications requiring the precise conversion of bipolar to unipolar signals.


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High Voltage Probes 

RP1025D High Voltage DC-25 MHz Differential Probe



The RP1025D is a X50 or X200 attenuation DC - 25MHz (-3dB) probe for measuring high voltages on oscilloscopes. When set to X200 attenuation ratio it can measure voltages up to 1400Vpp or 500Vrms.


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Teledyne LeCroy HVD3106 120MHz High Voltage Differential Probe


HVD3106The exceptional Common-Mode Rejection Ratio for the probes to very high frequencies greatly improves measurement capability in noisy, high common-mode environments found in power electronics. The high CMRR combined with low probe noise and high offset capability make the probes capable of measuring very small control signals floating on high common-mode voltages.  The HVD3106 probes provide 1% DC and low frequency gain accuracy enabling precise voltage measurements. AutoZero capability ensures further measurement precision by allowing small offset drifts to be calibrated out of the measurement. The wide voltage range of 1500Vp-p enables flexible probing in a variety of floating measurement applications. Beyond that limit, the HVD probes can be safely operated up to 2000Vp-p for capturing short duration overshoots. With the HVD connected, the oscilloscope vertical sensitivity ranges from 400V/div (3200V on screen) to display high voltage signals, down to 100mV/div to show the small details.

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PICO TA044 70MHz 7000V Differential Oscilloscope Probe


TA044The TA044 is an active 100:1/1000:1 differential probe suitable for high common-mode voltage measurement applications up to ±7000V (DC + peak AC). It extends the functionality of standard single-ended input oscilloscopes to allow a safe and accurate method of making high-voltage differential measurements. Applications include making safe measurements in power circuit applications and acquisition of low-speed balanced differential signals found in serial communications buses.

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