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Summer Sale AWG Signal Generators

Real-Time RF Spectrum Analyzer

Intelligent Load Sensor

Video Review of PicoScope 5444B

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Dear Colleague,


I trust you are still enjoying what remains of the summer - it's nearly Back-to-School time, a relief for some and a challenge for others! 


Our Summer Sale on AWG Signal Generators is still on until August 31st (see below).


Here is more news that might benefit you, covering a variety of applications and industries. 


And we've created quite a few more explanatory videos this month, including a Funny Bloopers edition to celebrate the retiring of our Tech Support Manager, Al MacRobbie.


Alan Lowne - CEO




Feature-Rich High-Voltage High-Efficiency 1500W 1-Ch Programmable DC Supplies

GW Instek's PSU-HV Series of single output programmable switching DC power supplies can provide up to 15A current and a power range up to 1560W. These high efficiency, high power density supplies include models from 100V to 600V output. The PSU-HV series has five models (100V/15A, 150V/10A, 300V/5A, 400V/3.8A, and 600V/2.6A) to satisfy many high voltage application demands. Multiple units can be combined for increased power capacity.

The PSU-HV Series of 19" rackmount (1U) power supplies provide Constant Voltage/Constant Current selection - a very useful safety feature for protecting a Device Under Test (DUT). Power supplies normally operate in constant voltage (CV) mode when turned on, but, if connected to a capacitive load, this could cause a high inrush current or current-intensive load at the power output stage. Running in constant current mode limits current spikes, protecting the DUT from inrush current damage. The Over-Voltage Protection (OVP) and Over-Current Protection (OCP) levels can be selected from 10% to 110%, with the default level set at 110% of the power supply's rated voltage/current.

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Summer Sale on AWG Signal Generators

Take advantage of these temporary low prices (until August 31st) and snag a signal generator that suits your needs. Hurry because quantities are limited to stock on hand and we don't want you to be disappointed!


For these Rigol offers use coupon: S1708A



DG1022 - 20Mhz, 100MSa/s, 2-Ch 

reg. $299





DG1022Z - 25MHz, 200MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $359

Sale: $324 


DG1032Z - 30MHz, 200MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $524

Sale: $472


 - 60MHz, 200MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n

reg. $903

Sale: $813


DG4102 - 100MHz, 500MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $1028



DG5072 - 70MHz, 1GSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $3024

Sale: $2722



For these Siglent offers use coupon: S1708A



SDG1025 - 25MHz, 125MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $319

Sale: $288


SDG1032X - 30MHz, 150MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $359

Sale: $324


SDG1062X - 60MHz, 150MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n

reg. $509

Sale: $459


SDG2042X - 40MHz, 1.2GSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $499

Sale: $450


SDG2122X - 120MHz, 1.2GSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $899

Sale: $810


SDG5082 - 80MHz, 500MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n

reg. $680



SDG5162 - 160MHz, 500MSa/S, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $1192

Sale: $1073


SDG805 - 5MHz, 125MSa/s, 1-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $248

Sale: $224


SDG810 - 10MHz, 125MSa/s, 1-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $282

Sale: $254



For these Owon offers use coupon: S1708B

AG051 - 5MHz, 125MSa/s, 1-Ch
reg. $185



AG4081 - 80MHz, 400MSa/s, 1-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n

reg. $675

Sale: $405

AG4121AG4121 - 120MHz, 400Msa/s, 1-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n

reg. $785

Sale: $471

AG4151AG4151 - 150MHz, 400MSa/s, 1-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $859

Sale: $516

RDS1021 - 25MHz, 100MSa/s, 5K memory PC Oscilloscope
reg. $99

Sale: $60




HF 80120 Handheld Real-Time RF Analyzer 9kHz - 12GHz

HF 80120

The SPECTRAN V5 Real-Time RF spectrum analyzers are designed to capture even the shortest of signal transmissions. With 20GHz scans or logs performed in less than 20mS, the SPECTRAN V5 is recognized as the world´s fastest handheld RF spectrum analyzer.  Available in 4 different versions, the V5 offers solutions for almost every application. The included RTSA PC software offers unprecedented features and functions for powerful field analysis or for benchtop laboratory work.   Whether your application is for spectrum studies, RF and microwave measurements, interference hunting, compliance testing or Wi-Fi and wireless network measurements, the SPECTRAN V5 is the ideal RF spectrum analyzer for making fast, reliable and cost efficient measurements.

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Innovative Sensor System for Helicopter & Crane Hoist Load Measurements


LoadSense™ is an intelligent load sensor that can be integrated with a crane hook, fork lift or other handling device for intelligent feedback of loading events. It has an on-board single-chip computer for recording, analyzing and archiving readings, and wireless communications to transfer data in real time to a host computer. LoadSense provides the real-time information needed to optimize efficiency, and increase safety and profitability in a wide range of industrial operations, allowing weight measurement processes to be easily integrated with handling operations. All live data is captured in real time and can be transferred to a database, stored, totaled and analyzed on-the-spot.


Internal battery-power makes LoadSense's operation completely autonomous, so it can be deployed with minimal disruption to operations - and with no dangerously trailing wires. LoadSense automatically begins transmitting data when used. No special training is required to install or operate the unit.

An interesting article showing LoadSense use in load-carrying helicopters is here.

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Video Review of PicoScope 5444B by

Their verdict: Offers great bandwidth and versatility.

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EMI Enclosure Offer

EMI Enclosure


We are supplying a Free Roller Bag with any Select Fabracators EMI Tent ordered during August (some restrictions apply). Hurry - Only days left!


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Technical Articles

1 - RF Shielding Issues in Wireless, Cellular, and Electronics Product Companies 

RF/EMI interference during testing can be an enormous problem for electronic and wireless parts manufacturers. During the production process, wireless devices often need to be activated without external interference for quality and process control checks. To insure that radio frequency signals are solely from the individual unit being tested, RF isolation is required on assembly lines or in test areas. When multiple adjacent manufacturing cells are building electronic and wireless products, RF isolation is essential to allow quality control or activation testing of the similar components on adjacent lines. RF isolation prevents RF/EMI noise from equipment in other parts of the factory interfering with production testing. 

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2 - Better Elevator Maintenance 

Elevators are probably one of the most expensive single pieces of equipment that a building owner can have, and potentially the most dangerous. Periodic maintenance and inspections are very important to keep them running safely and reliably. Ignore elevator maintenance, and equipment performance will decline rapidly. Response time, downtime, repair costs, and complaints will all increase, while service life will decrease. More importantly, safety will be compromised. Other challenges - even with the most comprehensive maintenance program, come since all elevator systems eventually need to be modernized or replaced. Declining systems need to be updated early enough to avoid a crisis. Some elevator problems, such as system downtime and slow operation, are obvious, but some are more subtle and intermittent. Understanding the sources of - and solutions to - common elevator problems can help managers find the most cost-effective ways to keep elevators performing well. ABI's global partner Thyssenkrupp Elevator has acquired BoardMaster units to drive new electronic repair labs in Latin America.

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