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Sale on AWG Signal Generators

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Dear Colleague,

I trust you are enjoying your summer - It's a wonderful season! 

This month we have two interesting highlights for you:

  • Solar-Powered Wireless IoT Module
  • Summer Sale on signal generators


Alan Lowne - CEO




Solar-Powered IoT Sensor Station 

from Sol Chip

Sol Chip

We've just introduced a unique product that addresses energy-harvesting for remote IoT sensors. Recently available in other countries and just introduced in the USA, the first applications have included vineyards to sense soil situations, optimizing nutrient and watering needs, and drip-irrigation systems - but the potential uses are endless! This solar-powered wireless transmitter sends sensor data wirelessly to the cloud to enable fit-and-forget remote sensor monitoring. 


The Sol Chip Comm SCC-S433 is a solar-driven autonomous, wireless, module that powers, controls, and wirelessly connects multiple sensors to a central computer via the cloud. This ultra-compact, maintenance-free module can be installed remotely for IoT applications that require unattended operation. Applications could include indoor/outdoor wireless sensor networks for precision agriculture, smart irrigation, environmental or asset monitoring, etc. Sol Chip's innovative energy harvesting technology is designed to operate continuously for more than ten years on a single battery with no maintenance requirements, removing the need to constantly replace and discard environmentally unfriendly batteries. And real-time sensor data can be viewed on a customizable web page from any location.

Sol ChipAt the heart of the SCC-433 is a patented silicon-based "light/battery" - an efficient chip + battery combination for all-weather 24/7 operation, even operating well with indoor lighting.


Solar-powered by Sol Chip's unique, patented LightBattery technology, this wireless transmitter sends data multiple times per day to optimize agricultural or environmental needs in a compact, easy-to-install box. The device is designed for low-cost, all-weather outdoor deployment.  Multiple SCC-S433 modules can be wirelessly connected to a single Sol Chip Wireless Gateway over the license-free 433MHz band with a range of up to 1500yds. The SCC's small size makes it easy to install and move within any environment, while being unobtrusive and therefore not prone to theft.


The SCC-S433 Evaluation Kit includes two SCC-433 solar modules, two sensors (temperature/humidity), a wireless gateway, necessary accessories, access to third party web server and set-up support. 


This video describes more detail:  Sol Chip Video


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Summer Sale on AWG Signal Generators

Take advantage of these temporary low prices (until August 31st) and snag a signal generator that suits your needs. Hurry because quantities are limited to stock on hand and we hate to disappoint our customers!


For these Rigol offers use coupon: S1708A



DG1022 - 20Mhz, 100MSa/s, 2-Ch 

reg. $299





DG1022Z - 25MHz, 200MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $359

Sale: $324 


DG1032Z - 30MHz, 200MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $524

Sale: $472



DG1062Z - 60MHz, 200MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n

reg. $903

Sale: $813


DG4102 - 100MHz, 500MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $1028



DG5072 - 70MHz, 1GSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $3024

Sale: $2722



For these Siglent offers use coupon: S1708A



SDG1025 - 25MHz, 125MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $319

Sale: $288


SDG1032X - 30MHz, 150MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $359

Sale: $324


SDG1062X - 60MHz, 150MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n

reg. $509

Sale: $459


SDG2042X - 40MHz, 1.2GSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $499

Sale: $450


SDG2122X - 120MHz, 1.2GSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $899

Sale: $810


SDG5082 - 80MHz, 500MSa/s, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n

reg. $680



SDG5162 - 160MHz, 500MSa/S, 2-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $1192

Sale: $1073


SDG805 - 5MHz, 125MSa/s, 1-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $248

Sale: $224


SDG810 - 10MHz, 125MSa/s, 1-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $282

Sale: $254



For these Owon offers use coupon: S1708B

AG051 - 5MHz, 125MSa/s, 1-Ch
reg. $185



AG101 - 10MHz, 125MSa/s, 1-Ch
reg. $215

Sale: $129


AG101F - 10MHz, 
125MSa/s, 1-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $235

Sale: $141


AG4081 - 80MHz, 400MSa/s, 1-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $675

Sale: $405


AG4101 - 100MHz, 400MSa/s, 1-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $709

Sale: $425.40


AG4121 - 120MHz, 400Msa/s, 1-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $785

Sale: $471


AG4151 - 150MHz, 400MSa/s, 1-Ch, Sweep/Mod'n
reg. $859

Sale: $516



Farewell to our faithful Technical Support Manager!

After 12 years with Saelig, our Tech Support Manager, Al MacRobbie, will be leaving us this month to enjoy other pursuits. His wide-ranging knowledge of our product range will be hard to replicate: Laboratory instruments like scopes, spectrum analyzers, and DVMs; wireless products like LoRaN, WiFi, and 400/960MHz boards; EMC pre-compliance products; PC systems and software; and, of course, since he's a car nut - Pico's automotive scopes. We wish him well - and, if you've enjoyed his personal service yourself, drop him a note at!


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