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Spectrum Analyzer War

New Product - DS2000E

New Pricing on SSA3032X

Panel PC

Vehicle Exhaust Tent

Apollo Lake PCs

Oscilloscope Article

Ken Wyatt EMC Guru

How to sniff out EMC problems

PicoScope Beta


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Dear Colleague,

The Fall season brings some amazing colors here in Upstate New York.  And Fall also brings some bargains in test equipment too!  Many of Rigol's Spectrum Analyzers have been reduced in price - some by up to 50% - and Rigol has introduced a new 100MHz/200MHz series - the DS2000E (see below in this newsletter).

Siglent's SDS2000X Oscilloscopes also offer amazing value since they are currently offering a -30% promotional discount. Plus, when you purchase the MSO option (logic probe plus the software option) you get the AWG and serial decode options at no charge. SDS1000X Oscilloscopes: most models in this family have a 15% discount plus the free serial decode option. SDG1032X Signal Generator at $359. 

Have a great day!

Alan Lowne




All-In-One MDO-2000E Oscilloscope Series with Multiple Built-In Instruments

MDO-2000E SeriesThe GW Instek MDO-2000E Series Oscilloscopes combine several test instruments into one enclosure. An actual spectrum analyzer is included in the design, not just an FFT calculation to display the frequency domain. These compact instruments have a built-in true spectrum analyzer, dual channel 25MHz AWG, DMM, and a power supply to suit educational and restricted space situations. The series includes two instrument combinations: MDO-2000EG and MDO-2000EX. MDO-2000EG models have a built-in true spectrum analyzer and a dual channel 25MHz arbitrary waveform generator, while the MDO-2000EX models feature a built-in a true spectrum analyzer, an arbitrary waveform generator, a 5,000 count DMM, and a 5V/1A power supply. The first of its kind, MDO-2000EX is the only oscilloscope to provide a space-saving combination of spectrum analyzer, DMM and power supply, making it ideal for educational or space-restricted use.  The MDO-2000E Series is available in three bandwidths:  70, 100 and 200MHz and in 2 or 4 channel models.

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Spectrum Analyzer War - You Win!

DSA800 Series
There is currently a huge sale on all eight Rigol DSA800 series spectrum analyzers - savings of up to 50% and more.

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New Product - Announcing the DS2000E Oscilloscopes

DS2000E Series
The Rigol DS2012E is a 100MHz 2-channel oscilloscope with advanced capabilities.  Based on Rigol's sophisticated Ultravision technology, the DS2000E series of 2-channel scopes delivers exceptional performance and analysis capabilities on a proven, reliable hardware platform, and at an attractive price point. There are 2 models - 100MHz and 200MHz (DS2202E), each with an identical form factor to the current DS2000A.  They have a slightly reduced sample rate (1GSa/sec on both channels) but exceptional 28Mpt record length.   At 100MHz the DS2102E provides the most capable instrument in its class with full 10x oversampling at 100MHz.  Offering a waveform capture rate of 50,000 wfms/s, and a sample rate of 1GSa/s, these scopes come complete with two PYP2350 350MHz passive high-impedance probes.

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New Pricing and Free Enhancements on SSA3032X!

Since its introduction into the market 2 years ago, the SIGLENT SSA3032X has grown to become an industry standard due to its excellent performance and value. The '3032Xs come equipped with a built-in preamplifier and achieve a -161 dBm/Hz displayed average noise level (Typ.) for excellent small signal measurement capability. The low noise figure (-98 dBc/Hz ) and amplitude accuracy (< 0.7 dB) provide more accurate and reliable measurements than other models in its class. Now, there is even more to be excited about!
Siglent has expanded the functionality of an already popular product AND lowered the price. Tracking Generator now included for free!


Order today and SAVE UP TO $869!
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Panel PCs now Available in a Wider Range

 The tried and tested Janz Tec panel PCs are now available in a wider range; the FALCON passive 1 is the new product highlight of the Mini-ITX series; the summer update of CODESYS for the emPC-A/iMX6 is now available too. 


Panel PCs available from 6" to 26", individually customized


Panel PCs

The range of "emWEB" web panels and "emVIEW" panel PCs has now been expanded to include a greater variety of versions, ranging from 6" to 26".

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FALCON passive 1 with passive cooling concept is the second product highlight in the Mini-ITX series


FALCONThe FALCON passive 1 features a passive cooling concept with heat pipes. It can be customized with a special housing design. More Info


Summer update of "CODESYS Control for the emPC-A/iMX6 SL"


CodesysWith SP11, 3S Smart Software Solutions has released an update of CODESYS which is now also available for the emPC-A/iMX6 - with a more flexible price model. 

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Vehicle Exhaust, Outdoor Environment, Fire Retardant and Work Center Testing Applications For Specialized RF Shielded Enclosures

Vehicle Exhaust tentFlexible, portable, high attenuation EM RF shielded environments are in demand for many testing applications. Vehicles of all sizes, can be tested in an RFI/EMI screen room with proper intake and exhaust systems. Mobile outdoor RF isolation testing tents can be assembled on-site when needed in isolated areas. Fire retardant liners and systems support local fire code requirements. Work center structures assist semi-conductor manufacturing.

Vehicle Enclosures

Vehicles from small garden tractors to large aerospace units (Mil-STD 461) can be set up for testing in a modular unit with collapsible sections, removable thresholds and/or custom-sized doors. Select Fabricators has developed a new, removable threshold that eases entry into their patented single door, double magnet system (US Pat. No. 9,029,714) including level grade guides and recommended floor protection mats. The door itself is optionally removable and sized for the vehicle. A recent example of this design is a 20' x 18' vehicle door to accommodate a large object under test.

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Apollo Lake PCs at Amplicon Offer 15 Year Life-Cycle

Apollo Lake PCsAmplicon, a market leading manufacturer of industrial computers, has introduced a new powerful addition to its range of Industrial PC's, the Impact-R 1110F and Impact-E 150AL. Both PC's are Apollo Lake based, powered by the outstanding Intel ATOM E3950 processor offering exceptional scalability and unparalleled availability, boasting a lifecycle of 15+ years!  As an introductory offer, Amplicon is offering FREE installation of Windows 10 IoT when you purchase one of the new systems. Contact us now to find out more about this exclusive deal.

Key Benefits

    • Road mapped until 2031
    • Compact & robust design 
    • Optional -40°C to +85°C operating temperature 
    • Power draw of just 14-16w
    • Fully customized O/S & OEM branding
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Know how to use current probes on scopes? Read this article!

Current ProbesHelpful #oscilloscope article from Teledyne LeCroy: Using Current Probes.

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Ken Wyatt, EMC Guru

KenWyatt @EMC_Guru just posted a new video demo on WHY PIGTAILS ARE BAD ON SHIELDED CABLES.

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Sniffing out EMC problems? Read these hints from Saelig CEO Alan Lowne

EMC Problems
How to sniff out EMC problems:

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PicoScope 6.13.1 Beta with DeepMeasure™ released!

DeepMeasure is a major new feature for analyzing large waveform captures and finding a needle (error) in a haystack (long signal stream): 

DeepMeasure Pico Beta

  • Calculates 12 parameters for each cycle in a waveform
  • Up to a million cycles per waveform
  • Rise and fall times, pulse widths, peak-to-peak voltages and more
  • Auto zoom on selected data
  • Export data as text or spreadsheet

Available for all PicoScope oscilloscopes from the 3000 Series to the 6000 Series.

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