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Wireless Scope-In-A-Probe

3kW Electronic Load for Fuel Cells

Universal PCB Test System

Dual Channel Microwave Signal Generator

6 GHz Vector Network Analyzer

PC-Hosted 5-in-1 Edu Scope

RIGOL DS2000E beats Tek TBS2000

Siglent Free Decode Options

Rigol DS4000 and DSA8 Promotions

Amplicon Panel PCs

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Dear Colleague,

Fall is almost here and with it will come spectacular color in the gorgeous maple trees here in the Northeast. This month we're highlighting equally colorful new products as well as some recently-introduced ones that merit increased attention.

Alan Lowne




Wireless 30MHz Scope-In-A-Probe

WS200The IkaScope WS200 is a new pen-shaped battery-powered wireless oscilloscope that streams captured signals to almost any WiFi-connected screen. The IkaScope WS200 offers a 30MHz bandwidth with its 200MSa/s sampling rate and maximum input of +/-40Vpp. It provides galvanically-isolated measurements even when a USB connection is charging the internal battery. The IkaScope WS200 will work on desktop computers (Windows, Mac, and Linux) as well as on mobile devices like tablets or smartphones (iOS and Android Q4 2017). The free application software can be downloaded to any of these platforms.

The IkaScope WS200 has no power switch; it detects pressure on the probe tip and turns on automatically. Patented ProbeClick technology saves battery life: all power-consuming circuitry is only turned on when the probe tip is pressed, and automatically shuts down completely after a short period of non-use. The internal 450mAh battery lasts about one week with daily regular use before recharging is necessary. An isolated USB connection allows for recharging the internal battery and the two LEDs in the unit indicate both battery charge and WiFi status. Ideal for every mobile toolbox!
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3kW Electronic Load For Testing Fuel Cells

Model PT04-FCThe Model PT04-FC 3kW Electronic Load from Manatronics has been specifically developed to accommodate the testing of fuel cells as well as low-voltage power supplies, including 24V telecommunications power systems and supplies. The load is simple and intuitive to operate and is housed in a 4U 19" rack-mount case, with two quiet temperature-controlled fans mounted on the front panel to provide forced air cooling. The rugged, reliable design of the PT04-FC provides Constant Current control from 0 to 120A on the 24V range setting and 0 to 60A on the 48V setting. Constant Power, Constant Resistance, and Constant Voltage are also available as standard operational modes, accessible via ATE/remote control. Weight has been minimized for easy transportation.

The Model PT04-FC is also useful as a general-purpose variable electronic load. It is rated to operate continuously over the specified current and voltage ranges. The standard model offers a differential 0 - 5V input for simple control systems, or the input can be paralleled for larger systems.

A typical application might consist of an external DC power source to be tested (e.g. an individual battery, or battery pack, a power supply, or a telecomm rectifier) connected to the PT04-FC's DC power connectors, with the Remote Control Box connected to the load. More than one PT04-FC load can be connected in parallel.

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Multiple Instrument System All-In-One MIS4 Universal Test System

MIS4ABI Electronics' Multiple Instrument Station MIS4 offers eight high specification test and measurement instruments in one compact module. All commonly-required test instruments that you might need in PCB troubleshooting are combined in one compact programmable hardware module that can be fitted in a compact case or installed in a PC drive bay. Controlled by ABI's sophisticated SYSTEM 8 Ultimate PC software with a simple yet programmable operator interface, the MIS4 combines eight laboratory instruments: a 3-channel 350MHz digital storage oscilloscope with sophisticated triggering options and automatic measurements; a 1.1GHz frequency counter and three 350MHz counters; a 14-bit dual-channel 25MHz arbitrary waveform function generator; a fully floating ammeter; a fully floating voltmeter; a fully floating ohmmeter; multi-rail 4-channel power supplies; and 8 programmable I/O channels to cover almost any test and measurement need.

The MIS4 comes complete with the Windows-based TestFlow Manager, a step by step sequence of tests that guides operators during fault-finding or test procedure processes. Along with the specific instruments required for a test, additional instructions, photos, PDFs, videos and other documents can be included in a test sequence design to make complex test procedures understandable and repeatable. Automatic instrument setup speeds up test operations and set-by-step test sequences enable rapid operator training. TestFlow Manager sequential testing reduces the risk of inaccurate measurements and automatically saves all test parameters for a final customized test report. It removes subjective operator data interpretation by using automatic results comparison. This frees an engineer's time by allowing semi-skilled operators to run test procedures repeatably and accurately. This provides a much faster and more economical testing solution than using traditional oscilloscope, metering and other bench test methods, and can quickly produce the required Pass/Fail and other test and debug results.

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Versatile Dual Channel 13.6GHz Microwave Signal Generator

SynthHD ProWindfreak's SynthHD PRO is an innovative, compact, low-cost, stable RF signal generator that is software-tunable from 54MHz to 13.6GHz in 0.1 Hz steps. This temperature-compensated, dual-channel, RF signal generator and frequency sweeper is controlled and powered via a USB port on a device running Windows or Android software. Its dual, independent 54 MHz to 13.6 GHz channels can be configured to run at two different frequencies, or at the same frequency with different phases. This allows its use in antenna beam steering applications or quadrature signal generation commonly used in image-reject frequency conversion. The Windfreak SynthHD PRO also has nonvolatile on-board memory so it can be programmed to start up by itself on any frequency, power, sweep or modulation setting (or combinations thereof) to run stand-alone in field use. This makes it a highly mobile, low power, and light weight signal source for many RF signal generation needs.

The Windfreak SynthHD PRO's typical channel output power is 20dBm maximum and -40dBm minimum, with the variable gain set via a 16-bit D/A. Each RF channel's power and frequency is independent, with dBm power levels settable in 0.01dB increments and frequency resolution of 0.1Hz or less with 2.5ppm frequency accuracy. For more complex applications the Windfreak SynthHD PRO also has an internal 100 point Frequency and Amplitude Hop Table, with a 0.01 degree phase control on each channel and a fast 4mS RF lock time.

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PicoVNA 106 Low-Cost 6GHz Vector Network Analyzer

PicoVNA 106Pico Technology's PicoVNA 106 is an economical USB-controlled, professional-grade 300kHz to 6GHz Vector Network Analyzer with excellent performance, portability, and remarkable affordability! Despite its small size and low cost, its full-function, minimal-error, 'Quad RX' four-receiver architecture supports both 8- and 12-term calibration without the uncorrectable switching errors, delays, and unreliability of traditional three-receiver designs. It can gather all four S-parameters at just 190usec per frequency point, so a 500 point 2-port S2P Touchstone file (compatible with many test, math, view and EDA simulation tools) is captured in less than 1/10 sec. This performance compares with other full-function VNAs that are more than four times as expensive.  Today's engineers don't have time to become microwave specialists, so the PicoVNA 106 provides a straightforward, accurate, fast, portable and low-cost measurement instrument that supports developing applications such as 5G, IoT, radar, and tissue and materials imaging. The PicoVNA 106's remote automation interface suits test automation needs, or as a reflectometry or transmission measurement module for embedded installations.

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SIG-101 5-in-1 PC-Hosted Educational Oscilloscope

SIG-101Syscomp's SIG-101 provides a very low-cost 200kHz oscilloscope, waveform generator, signature analyzer, vector network analyzer and digital I/O in one box.  It is a PC-based two-channel 200kHz oscilloscope, sampling at 2MSa/s, that includes an arbitrary waveform generator, and an 8-bit digital I/O port. Unlike most PC-based oscilloscopes with 8-bit A/D sampling, the SIG-101 has an 11-bit A/D that gives eight times more detail, and the built-in 12-bit 200kHz arbitrary waveform signal generator can be used to create swept, stationary, or noise test signals, or provide PWM outputs.  The oscilloscope and waveform generator can be combined to provide Vector Network Analysis capability, yielding Bode plots that graph the frequency response of a circuit.

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RIGOL DS2000E is a better buy than Tek TBS2000

RIGOL emphasizes their Unprecedented Customer Value - the ability to save customers money while delivering high quality advanced test solutions.  The new DS2000E is no exception and if you are looking at a new Tek TBS2000 you owe it to yourself to compare RIGOL.


The DS2000E Delivers:

Superior Performance

·         5X the waveform capture rate (50Kwfms/sec)

·         Superior voltage range (500uV/div)

·         Longer Record Length (28M per channel)

·         1X/10X selectable probes (35MHz in 1X Mode)

Advanced Analysis

·         17 Trigger Types (Free Upgrade)

·         Serial Decode (Free Upgrade)

·         Advanced Math Functions

·         Mask Testing/Pass Fail

·         Hardware Record/Playback

Lower Price

·          100MHz DS2102E  $647

·         >55% savings versus TBS2102


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Compare the Specs


Textronix - TBS2000

Rigol - DS2000E

70MHz and 100MHz

100MHz and 200MHz




28MPts per channel







32 avail Measurements

29 avail Measurements

Measurement Statistics

Advanced Math

3 Triggers: Edge, Pulse Width, Runt

17 Triggers: Edge, Pulse Width, Runt, Window, Nth Edge, Slope, Video, Pattern, Delay, Time Out, Duration, Setup/Hold, RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN/LIN, USB

Advanced Triggers available free through 3/31/18

HW Record, Playback and Analysis (65,000 Frames)

Mask Testing/Pass Fail Testing

Serial Decode: RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN/LIN

Serial Decode available free through 3/31/18

from $1460

from $647

Download the latest RIGOL Catalog

A great resource to help you compare, select, and learn about our broad portfolio of Test and Measurement solutions.  Whether you need time domain, frequency domain, or precision instrumentation you can find what you need from RIGOL at significant savings from what you'd pay at Tektronix.





SDS1202X-EThe SDS-1000X-DC Serial Decode Package, which includes I2C, SPI, UART/RS232, CAN and LIN buses, normally $169, is now offered free on Siglent's 1202X oscilloscopes.  And at only $379, the Siglent SDS1202X-E is now their most popular product.



Decode Options

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Rigol DS4000 and DSA8 Promotions

DS4000 SeriesWith a 15% reduction in the 4000 series oscilloscopes, together with their free Options Bundle, this platform represents one of best values in the embedded market.  Anyone considering a Tek or Keysight 2000 series product will see an amazing value by choosing Rigol. The DS4000 Series Digital Oscilloscopes challenge the two leading brands with instruments that have comparable performance at a MUCH lower price.  The design of these versatile, high-performance scopes brings a low noise floor and Rigol's UltraVision technology. With bandwidths between 100MHz and 500MHz, sample rates up to 4GSa/s, 2 or 4 analog channels, and a huge 140MPts of buffer memory, the DS4000 Series is ideal for applications that include  communications, defense, aerospace, industrial electronics, R&D and education.

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And with recently announced "up to 50% price reduction" in the Rigol DSA8 Spectrum Analyzers, these too offer terrific value!


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FREE installation of Windows 10 IoT with new
Amplicon Panel PC's


Senses 5400 Panel PCAmplicon, market leading manufacturer of industrial computers, launches its most powerful Industrial Panel PC to date, the Senses 5400.

The new all-in-one Industrial Panel PC is the first to run the powerful Intel® ATOM™ E3845 processor, offering exceptional computing power and boasting a lifecycle of 15+ years! The Senses 5400 combines a truly sleek and modern design with a set of innovative and protective features making it ideal for most industrial SCADA/HMI applications.

As an introductory offer, Amplicon is offering FREE installation of Windows 10 IoT when you purchase one of the new systems. Contact us now to find out more about this exclusive deal.


Key Benefits

Senses 5400 Panel PC

·         Powerful Intel® ATOM™ E3845 processor

·         15 year lifecycle

·          Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch (10 points)

·         Wide Operating Temperature

·          IP65 front rated protection

·         Branding available

To learn more about what Amplicon can offer please contact our sales team.  

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New Products Flyer and Line Card

 And finally - our new Products Flyer and Line Card are now available for download.

Product Flyer

Line Card



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