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DS4000 or MSO4000

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Whether working to optimize power consumption, deploy sensor arrays, debug serial communications, or efficiently integrate wireless technologies RIGOL Technologies has a solution to speed your IoT development. Their portfolio of time and frequency domain test solutions provide you with the advanced analysis capabilities you require and at excellent price points.  Here are some useful videos:

IoT Test Challenges

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The RIGOL 4000 Series Oscilloscope

The best value for Embedded Debug.  Compare vs. Tek and Keysight

DS_MSO 4000 SeriesDo not compromise performance and advanced features just because you are on a budget.

The RIGOL 4000 Series compares favorably with the DPO2000 from Tek and the DSOX2000 from Keysight on price while providing significantly greater performance and analysis features.

The DS4000 Series delivers:

  • 100MHz to 500MHz Bandwidth
  • 4GSa/sec sample rate
  • 140Mpts of standard memory
  • 2 or 4 Channels
  • 16 Digital Channel MSO Options
  • 110,000 wf/sec capture rate
  • Serial Trigger and Decode
  • Vibrant 9 Inch Intensity Graded Display
  • Waveform Record/Capture
  • Advanced Math, 29 Standard Measurements and 13 standard triggers

Free Advanced Analysis Options


Purchase any new 200MHz or 350MHz unit and receive a free Bandwidth upgrade option

Image Shot

Purchase any 4000 unit and get all serial decode options for free

  • I2C
  • SPI
  • RS232/UART
  • CAN
  • LIN
  • FlexRay

*when purchased before 12/31/17


Compare the Specifications: 

Compare Chart


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NEW!: The RIGOL DS2000E Series Digital Oscilloscope

DS2000E Series

Uncompromised Debug Solution starting at just  $647


If your debug challenge requires advanced analysis capabilities and instrument performance on an extremely tight budget the DS2000E is for you.

  • 1GSa/sec on all channels provides full 5X oversampling all the time
  • Free Serial Decode/Trigger supports most of today's common standards
  • 28M Record Length on all channels enables long captures to find elusive problems.
  • Vibrant 8 Inch Intensity Graded Display provides easy observation and analysis
  • Waveform Record/Capture, Advanced Math, and 17 trigger types

The Rigol DS2000 has greater performance than the Tek TBS2000 at less than half the price.


DS2102E - 100MHz  $647

DS2202E - 200MHz  $847

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Up to 50% off on DSA800 Series Spectrum Analyzers

DSA8 Series

From now through the end of 2017 we have reduced the price on all models of our popular DSA800 Series Spectrum Analyzers.  Whether you are tuning an antenna, characterizing a filter, implementing a wireless transceiver or conducting EMI testing there is a DSA800 Series Analyzer that will meet your needs.  The time has never been better to upgrade your RF Tools.


DSA815 (1.5GHz) starting at $1199

DSA832 (3.2GHz) starting at $1999

DSA875 (7.5GHz) starting at $5999


DSA8 Highlights: 

  • 10Hz RBW on all models
  • DANL as low as - 161 dBm (normalized to 1Hz)
  • Phase Noise down to -98dBc/Hz
  • Pre Amplifier included on all models
  • Tracking Generators and VSWR available
  • EMI Measurements Kits available

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DL3000 - DC Electronic Loads

DL3000 Series

The new DL3000 Series of DC Electronic Loads gives engineers evaluating power, optimizing power efficiency, and maximizing battery life a new powerful and affordable solution to quickly determine their power needs, debug their designs, and reduce their time to market.  


The DL3000 Delivers:

  • 4 Models
  • Max Power Draw of up to 350W, 150V and 60A
  • 30Khz Dynamic Frequency
  • 4 Constant Modes
  • 4 Transient Modes
  • 3 Application Modes

Starting at just $499

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Technical Content from RIGOL to help make you more productive

RF Basics

Rigol's RF Basics Primer provides 112 pages of in-depth overview content about RF Theory, Frequency Measurement basics, component test, transceiver testing and EMI Testing.  It is a wonderful resource whether new to RF testing or simply looking for a reference guide.









MSO Introduction

Rigol's Embedded Design App note is a powerful overview on how to use the 4000 Series to debug your embedded design. Find timing or noise issues, correct signal quality and communications issues.  Find elusive data issues all with the power of the 4000 series.


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