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Fotric Smartphone-based Thermal Camera

Teledyne 1GHz Scope


Euroquartz Oscillator with 4 Switchable Frequencies

Fotric Cloud-based Thermal Camera

Rigol Promotions

Siglent Promotions

Pico Product of the Year

WIZnet Contest

Pico Automotive

Sensor Technology used by Pharmacetical Developer


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Dear Colleague,

Who would have thought that a thermal camera could be a vital test tool for electronics debug, fault-finding and evaluation? Thermal imagers - also known as infrared (IR) imagers or IR cameras - can capture two-dimensional pictures of the surface 

Thermal Image

Thermal Image of PCB showing hot ICs.

temperatures of electronic components, PCBs, and other objects. A changing or different color representation of the image may indicate overheating in a trace, a solder joint, or a component due to a malfunction. It can also accurately measure the steady-state temperature reached of a chip to verify that it is running within specified limits. Our new range of Fotric versatile handheld thermal imagers can provide a powerful diagnostic tool for testing PCBs. Comparing a good board with a faulty one can quickly pinpoint where a problem lies, saving you valuable debug time!
Read on!

Alan Lowne CEO




Economical Smartphone-based Professional Thermal Cameras

Fotric Thermal Cameras
We recently introduced the Fotric 220 Series of Thermal Cameras - professional and cost-effective infrared imaging devices that combine state-of-the-art infrared technology with smartphone capabilities.  Beating the competition in price and performance, these cameras can record up to 1000 frames of full radiometric video on an attached (supplied) smartphone, capturing and transmitting temperature changes in real time with a user-defined sampling rate of up to 5 frames/sec. Up to 640 x 480 pixel resolution is available and each pixel represents a temperature measurement point in the field of view.  No need for an attached PC! The easy to learn interface handles all of the camera's functions and supports the instant analysis of thermal images and videos on the instrument itself.  Fotric cameras are built with the highest quality components to insure long-term reliability and service life.

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WaveSurfer 3000z 4-channel 1GHz Oscilloscope Range

WaveSurfer 3000
This new scope series has 10.1" touchscreen, huge memory, built-in instruments to make a powerful yet affordable debug and development tool. Offering 100MHz - 1GHz bandwidth, capacitive touch capabilities, huge memory, and a comprehensive tool box, the compact 3000z series comes at a remarkably affordable price for a professional product from a leading US-based supplier.   Featuring the industry's most advanced user-interface - MAUI - on a 10.1" touch screen, the scopes all have 20Mpts of memory, multi-instrument capabilities, a selection of powerful internal test tools, and a sample rate of up to 4GSa/s.

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LISN MATE for Common/Differential Mode Conducted Noise Measurements

The TBLM1 is a companion device for LISNs which splits the conducted noise signal into its common mode and differential mode components. The LISN MATE is connected to the output of an LISN inserted into the positive supply line and to a second LISN inserted into the negative supply line.  The conducted noise signal at the output of an LISN is the sum of common mode and differential mode noise.  The LISN MATE splits the signal into common and differential portions, with each being available at a separate BNC port.  Using this information, EMC-filters can be designed much more quickly and efficiently.  Frequency range for the device is 30kHz to 110MHz, with a maximum input at any BNC port of 27dBm and under 30mA.

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Crystal Oscillators With Four Switchable Frequencies and Low Jitter

QuikXOThe Euroquartz QuikXO HC_JF series of switchable crystal oscillators can provide four different preselected frequencies. These high performance clock oscillators are available in CMOS, CML, HCSL, LVPECL or LVDS versions, with the unique ability to switch between four different output frequencies.  They have an integrated phase jitter performance of 150fs maximum, making them particularly suitable for high frequency applications.

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Cloud-based Professional Thermal Cameras For Pre-Fire Detection 

Fotric 123
The Fotric 123 is the world's first cloud-based smart infrared camera designed for visual early fire detection.  It can detect abnormal changes in heating/cooling conditions and send early alert warnings to a smartphone or other device before a catastrophe starts. The Fotric 123 can be mounted indoors or outdoors.

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Rigol Promotions Update 

Rigol Promotions


MSO/DS2000A - NEW Promotion - From April 1 through June 30 all customers purchasing a new DS2000A or MSO2000A will also receive the free BND-DS/MSO2000 Software Options Bundle.

DS1054Z - The current $349 price reduction is extended until 6/30/18.  

DS1000Z - Bundle promotion is extended until 6/30/18.  All DS1000Z instruments have the bundle options factory installed.  Please call if you have any questions or concerns.

DS2000E - Bundle promotion is extended until 6/30/18.  All customers purchasing a DS2000E will continue to receive the BND-DS/MSO2000 option free of charge.

DS4000 - Bandwidth and Bundle promotions are extended until 6/30/18.

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Siglent Promotions Update 

Siglent Promotions

SDG1025 - Limited Time Promotional Pricing $315

SDG1032X - Limited Time Promotional Pricing $359

SDS1202X - Free Decode Options and Promotional Pricing $558

SDS1102X+ / SDS1202X+  - Free Decode Options and Promotional Pricing save $169

SDS2000X - Free H/W and S/W Options with Purchase of MSO Module on Select Modules

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PicoScope 4444 is an Elektronik  2018 Product of the Year  

This month, Elektronik magazine announced the results of their 20th annual readers' "Products of the Year 2018" poll.  The PicoScope 4444 high-resolution differential oscilloscope came second in the Measurement Technology category, putting it alongside products from National Instruments and Rohde & Schwarz. 

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This contest gives developers an opportunity to showcase their skills in IoT innovation and competency. 

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Do you NEED a PicoScope For Car Repair?    

Pico Automotive
It's a hot topic for auto mechanics, but in our opinion the Pico lab scope is necessary and saves significant time diagnosing problems as demonstrated in this video checking cam to crank correlation. 

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Video Image




World-leading pharmaceutical developer turns to TorqSense    

Torque Sense

TorqSense transducers from our supplier Sensor Technology are being used to ensure bottle caps are properly fitted to pharmaceutical products in a high speed packaging line run by the Almac Group at its global headquarters in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, UK. Strict international rules apply to the manufacture and packaging of pharmaceutical products and require that the correct environment is maintained within the bottle following capping, stipulating the torque range to be used for screw type containers with varying closure diameters. By ensuring that bottle caps are successfully applied to the bottles within the required torque tolerances, the integrity of the product can be maintained.  

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