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ABI Recreating Obsolete PCBs

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Dear Colleague,

I hope you enjoyed a break over the Independence Day holiday (alternatively known as the Colonial Rebellion Day or Brexit 1776). If you are interested in other high-powered issues to brighten your work week here are some of our newest products that will allow you to make precision measurements easier and faster!

Alan Lowne - CEO




New High-Performance Rigol 7000 Series 100~500MHz 10GSa/s 4-ch Oscilloscopes

MSO7000_DS7000The MSO7000/DS7000 series of high-performance digital oscilloscopes integrates six independent instruments into one device with superior waveform capture rate, large memory depth, a 10.1" touch-screen display, and powerful data analysis functions. With an excellent 10GSa/s real-time sample rate they are available in four bandwidth versions (100/250/350/500MHz) as well as mixed-signal versions that offer 16 digital debug channels.  Based on Rigol's new UltraVision II architecture and innovative proprietary Phoenix chipset these scopes offer 100Mpts memory depth (500Mpts option) and a very high waveform capture rate of over 600,000 waveforms per second. This scope series integrates several independent instruments into one, including a sophisticated digital oscilloscope with mixed-signal abilities, a digital voltmeter, a 6-digit frequency counter and totalizer, an optional two-channel arbitrary waveform generator, and a protocol analyzer with a variety of serial protocol triggers and decodes available.  Automatic measurements for 41 waveform parameters and a variety of math operations, built-in enhanced FFT analysis, and a peak search function are included. Check out the amazing specs of Rigol's new 7000 series oscilloscopes.
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MSO7000_DS7000 Series 




Rigol Promotions

DS7000 Free Memory Upgrade Promotion 


The 350MHz and 500MHz 7000 Series oscilloscopes now include a free 250/500Mpt memory upgrade (DS7000-2RL or DS7000-5RL). More information about Rigol's 7000 Series oscilloscopes can be found above. Valid until October 31st, 2018.

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RSA3000 Free Bandwidth Promotion


RSA3000 Realtime Spectrum Analyzer customers are now entitled to a free 40MHz RTBW bandwidth upgrade (RSA3000-B40). Engineers integrating WiFi, Bluetooth and other modern RF technologies are confronted with the complex challenges of frequency hopping signals, channel conflict, and spectrum interference.  Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers bring the dimension of time to RF analysis making it easier to monitor and characterize these complex RF systems.  The RSA3000 combines Real-Time performance (7.45µs 100% POI with 40MHz RTBW option), rich data displays, and advanced triggering all at an exceptional price.  

Valid until October 31st, 2018.


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Economical Modulated RF Power Amplifiers for Pre-compliance Testing

TBMDA2TekBox TBMDA2 & TBMDA3 modulated wideband power amplifiers create inexpensive signal sources for immunity testing using a spectrum analyzer's tracking generator output. 
TBMDA3Driven by this output they provide the increased RF power outputs required by many test environments. With an input power range of up to -8dBm /0dBm these amplifiers can boost the output power of a tracking generator up to 500mW/5W or 40dB from 10MHz to beyond 1GHz. These amplifiers include built-in modulation capabilities to generate 1kHz AM or PM signals. In PM mode, the TBMDAx amplifiers can also generate a 217Hz Signal with 12.5% duty cycle in order to simulate mobile phone TDMA noise. 

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Feature-Rich Compact 3/6/12GHz RF Analog Signal Generators from Tabor

LSxxxxM ModelsTabor's Lucid range has been designed specifically for solving RF applications that demand outstanding dynamic range, fast switching speed, and easy remote programming with seamless system integration, all in a compact form-factor. The three models, LS3081M (3GHz), LS6081M (6GHz) and LS1291M (12GHz), provide single-channel high-purity sine waves in a small footprint module.  Featuring extremely fast switching speed, superior signal integrity, and very low distortion, the Lucids also feature all the necessary modulation signals required for testing modern analog communication systems.  Built-in SPI and micro-USB interfaces allow for external control of the generators.  With a switching speed of less than 100us, the Lucid series can meet many advanced test and measurement applications with high signal quality and excellent phase noise specs  (-145dBc/Hz at 100MHz, -132dBc/Hz at 1GHz, at 10 kHz carrier offset, typical).  Since the ability to create signal bursts and chirps has become necessary for many aerospace and defense applications such as radar and wireless systems, the Lucid series is equipped with modulation modes such as AM, FM, PM, and Sweep.  Almost any pulse modulation is possible, whether for "narrow" or "standard" pulse needs.  The series also offers multi-instrument synchronization capabilities. 


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Infrared Cameras for PCB Development and Diagnosis

FotricInfrared cameras can display the surface temperatures of electronic components, PCBs, and other objects to reveal unseen problems. Thermal imagers, also called infrared cameras, capture a 2-D representation of objects in front of their germanium optics (ordinary optical glass impedes IR wavelengths). They present a visible image of thermal energy (heat). These images can be used for immediate diagnosis or processed via software for further evaluation and reporting. recently published an article I wrote that delves into using IR cameras for PCB work.

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EMC GuideWe're entering a new age and our control of the electromagnetic spectrum must be better than ever. Automated military forces, technologically improved telescopes -new and exciting technologies are occurring within the military and aerospace sectors, and it's important to understand them. The 2018 Military & Aerospace EMC Guide details the most up-to-date DoD procurement policies and procedures; articles on MIL-STD and aerospace tests and standards, an introduction to the newly released MIL-STD-461G, background on the new CS-117 cable induction test, and some useful reference data on military and aerospace standards, directories, and more.  Get your FREE copy today! 

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Recreating Obsolete PCBs

ABIABI's Brazilian distributor RCBI INTRUMENTOS LTDA has just finished training Itaipu Binacional on the RevEng Schematic Learning systems. With RevEng they can now create professional quality circuit diagrams from a sample board - and even recreate obsolete boards! 

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Web Control of Siglent Oscilloscopes

Siglent VideoIn this video Siglent's Jason Chonko shows how to update, install, use the updated firmware and operating system, and use the updated webcontrol for the SDS1000X-E series Oscilloscopes.  

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Unique Isolated High Voltage 4-Channel 200MHz Oscilloscope

CS448The Cleverscope CS448 is a unique isolated 4-channel 200MHz 14-bit oscilloscope designed to measure high voltage, fast slew-rate signals such as those in a full or three-phase power electronic switching bridge. This unique isolated high common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) scope has been created from the ground up to accurately measure small voltages while exposed to large (<1000V) swings.  It has been specifically designed to measure, for instance, gate drives (voltage and charge), power switching (loss and parasitic stress), output signals (power and spectrum for EMC compliance), and control system signals for gain/phase and stability, etc.  The CS448 includes a built-in isolated 65MHz signal generator to provide stimulus signals, and eight isolated 100Mb/s logic inputs to measure control signals. Two CS448's can be joined to make an 8-channel oscilloscope with coherent sampling.  While the input ranges are +/-0.8V and +/-8.0V, attenuating probes are used to extend the range up to 800V.  The application software automatically scales all values to compensate for probe attenuation.  

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Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3000z 4-channel 1GHz Oscilloscope Range

WaveSurfer 3000z10.1" touchscreen, huge memory, and built-in instruments make the Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3000z 4-channel oscilloscope range a powerful yet affordable debug and development tool.  Offering 100MHz - 1GHz bandwidth, capacitive touch capabilities, huge memory, and a comprehensive tool box, these high quality scopes come at a remarkably affordable price in a compact, small footprint instrument.  Featuring the industry's most advanced user-interface - MAUI - on a 10.1" capacitive touch screen, the scopes all have 20Mpts of memory, multi-instrument capabilities, a selection of powerful internal test tools and a sample rate of up to 4GSa/s. Clearly marked controls are provided for channel control, zooming, math, and memory access. "Push" knobs add easy functionality and shortcuts to common actions, while dedicated buttons can quickly access popular debug tools.  

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