September 2018

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Rigol DG800 Series Function Generators

Siglent SVA1015X

Teledyne LeCroy Mercury T2C/T2P

FOTRIC Thermal Cameras

Code Mercenaries 6-Axis Sensor

ABI BoardMaster-RM

Saelig is now a Preen Distributor

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Greetings Saelig Colleague,

I hope you managed to take some time off from busy schedules to relax and enjoy some down-time with family and friends. Summer is a time to recharge the batteries, pursue sports, and visit places you
've never seen. But for many school starts again too quickly! Thinking of schools, if you know anyone enrolling in an electronics course, please remind them of our bargain-priced test equipment so they can work on their projects at home too!  

I trust you find our newsletter useful and interesting; your suggestions and comments are always welcome.  One reader wrote (thank you M): "I always look at your newsletter. I'm fascinated to see what an eclectic mix of products you have!" 

Here's what's new in the Saelig world to keep you up to date with products that may make your engineering life easier and "happy, prosperous, and blessed!"

Alan Lowne




New! Rigol DG800 Series 

Function Generators

(10MHz, 25MHz, and 35MHz Models) are designed with unique SiFi II (Signal Fidelity II) technology to generate accurate 16-bit standard and arbitrary waveforms point by point from its 2Mpt memory (8M optional).  Sampling at 125MSa/sec, this advanced signal source produces very low jitter waveforms. A 4.3" Touch Display makes for exceptional control and waveform viewing.  The Touch-enabled user-interface design provides a brand new operation experience, even supporting tap and drag operations. You can also use the keyboard to complete the parameter settings.


Starting at just 




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Economical Siglent SVA1015X 1.5GHz

Spectrum & Vector Network Analyzer

The SVA1015X is an economical tool for measuring signal distortion, modulation, spectrum purity, frequency stability, and crosstalk distortion signal parameters, for locating cable fault, and characterizing antenna networks and filters.  It's a powerful tool for measuring the performance of RF circuits and networks such as amplifiers, filters, attenuators, cables, and antennas. With a wide frequency range from 9kHz to 1.5GHz, the SVA1015X analyzer delivers reliable automatic measurements with its built-in tracking generator and multiple modes of operation.  With the optional VNA package, this swept super-heterodyne spectrum analyzer can operate as a vector network analyzer, a frequency domain reflectometer for distance-to-fault location, and a modulation analyzer.

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Teledyne LeCroy Mercury T2C/T2P USB2.0 Protocol and Power Analyzers

This robust platform delivers reliable USB2.0 protocol analysis and critical measurements for safe Power Delivery. It's a low cost, robust USB Type-C Protocol Analyzers with upgraded VBUS (power) analysis and optional support for DisplayPort™ Auxiliary channel message decoding.  They offer full support for USB 2.0 protocol testing and add advanced USB Type-C analysis capabilities.  There are two base models: the Mercury T2C and the new Mercury T2P, which adds the Power Tracker™ graphical analysis of VBUS and CC voltages.These pocket-sized analyzers capture and decode the widest range of USB 2.0 device classes plus Type-C link states and Power Delivery 3.0 messages. Both the Mercury T2P and T2C utilize the industry leading CATC Trace analysis software for verifying and debugging USB and PD protocol issues.


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FOTRIC Infrared Cameras for 

PCB Development and Diagnosis 

September only!  

Free iPhone8 with Model 226!

Infrared cameras can display the surface temperatures of electronic components, PCBs, and other objects to reveal unseen problems. Thermal imagers, also called infrared cameras, capture a 2-D representation of objects in front of their germanium optics (ordinary optical glass impedes IR wavelengths). They present a visible image of thermal energy (heat). These images can be used for immediate diagnosis or processed via software for further evaluation and reporting. recently published an article I wrote that delves into using IR cameras for PCB work.

Fotric Thermal Cameras




Code Mercenaries Waterproof 6-axis Acceleration and Angular Rate Sensor

Code Mercenaries
JoyWarrior56FR1-WP provides 6-axis measurements of both acceleration and angular rate with 16-bit resolution for motion, vibration, or orientation sensing applications. It's a cost efficient, waterproof, six-axis MEMS motion sensor with a 6 foot cable and USB interface. Three axes of acceleration and three of angular rate are measured with 16-bit resolution. Measurement ranges from ±2g to ±16g and 125dps to 2000dps are available.  Readings are taken at 833 measurements per second in standard mode, while a high speed mode generates 6,664 data points per second.  In standard mode the data is reported as joystick data, which eliminates the need for a special driver. The data can be read with any program that can accept joystick data as input.

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ABI BoardMaster-RM Rackmounted Universal PCB Test Solution

The ABI BoardMaster-RM is a unique test system that uses a mix-and-match selection of CD-drive-sized System 8 modules to create a self-contained, customized PCB test station.  This rackmountable solution provides complete testing and fault-finding for almost any kind of PCB and can be configured to suit specific needs and can be expanded later as new requirements evolve.  The BoardMaster-RM comes complete with ABI's multi-license and user friendly SYSTEM 8 Ultimate Software preinstalled, which can be configured to guide users step-by-step through a test procedure, with custom-annotated images, PDFs, instructions, videos, and attached datasheets to give quick Pass/Fail and component fault results. This is much faster and more economical than using traditional oscilloscopes, meters, and other bench test methods, and allows procedures to be performed by less qualified technicians.  Recently selected by San Francisco Municipal Transport for maintaining their new trains, NTSB for accident investigation, Savannah River Power for system maintenance, and many others, this system is rapidly being employed to save time and money in equipment repairs.

abi BoardMaster




Saelig Appointed as Distributor for Preen Programmable AC and DC Power Sources

Saelig Company Inc.'s innovative technical sales and distribution capabilities have been tapped by Preen to market their specialist test and measurement power sources in the USA.  Since 1989 Preen has become a major manufacturer of AC and DC power sources and frequency converters and is one of only three manufactures of "regenerative" AC power sources. Preen is considered to be the world leading manufacturer of large capacity power sources as used by green energy equipment suppliers. The Preen product range provides complete AC and DC power solutions even up to grid simulation supplies to 2000kVA. 
These new product lines complement and widen Saelig's existing online and GSA portfolio and will deliver new business
to established customers as well as taking Saelig into the new, fast-growing, green energy industries.





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1. Helpful video from Siglent's Jason Chonko demonstrates the use of the SVA1015X Spectrum and Network Analyzer for testing an amplifier's gain verification. 



2. Overcoming IIoT Network Challenges: The data transmission requirements of the Industrial Internet of Things demand robust, adaptable and flexible networks. Kinetic mesh technology, proven in the widely dispersed mining and oil and gas industries, could prove beneficial for manufacturing operations of all types.


3. Useful S-Parameters Tutorial - 

Part I: Fundamental Background 

4) SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) is growing in popularity for many automotive sensors such as temperature, flow, pressure and position. It is unidirectional, relatively low-speed/high-amplitude pulse trains. Robust and easy to integrate, it can still be challenged by noise, timing problems, and subtle implementation differences. More here:


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