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Here at Saelig we discovered this excellent microscope and used it to find tiny solder bridges on some boards we had made. It was so good we decided to make it available to our customer-base. But the manual was not only a poor translation, it was misleading!

So we rewrote the manual, added a large non-conducting ABS base to it, and a USB 3.0 SD card reader, so it is now ready for PCB inspection needs. The Saelig SAE106S Digital Microscope takes amazing quality pictures and the ability to adjust the lighting is outstanding! 

Alan Lowne, CEO





Visual inspection is the first tool in PCB debug. Searching for missing or charred components, bad solder joints, and solder bridges is the first order of business when a bad board comes in for repair. Looking for solder whiskers between pads or solder joints, especially between the pins of fine-pitch SMD chips, is made so much easier with this microscope! If the problem on a dead board is a short, there may even be burned spots on the printed circuit board. They can be quite small but the normal green solder mask can be significantly discolored brown. These will show up well on the full-color LCD.

While the versatile Saelig SAE106S Digital Microscope is targeted specifically for PCB inspection, it can also be extremely useful in other fields, such as parts inspection or hobby collection examination. It can be used as a standalone device with its built-in large 4.3" LCD screen, or connected to a PC. Illumination is enhanced by an 8-LED adjustable ring light, with two additional repositionable side lights. The SAE106S offers 10X-220X magnification for seeing the smallest blemish or trace problem, and can store images and videos on an SD card or transferred to a Windows PC. The SAE106S features a large non-conducting ABS plastic base for placing the PCB being examined.


SAE106S Features:

* 4.3inch full HD LCD screen. 10x-220x continuous magnification.

* High quality optics for stunning 1080p images

* High-quality precision-adjustable stand changes the distance between the camera and the object and its magnification.

* Images and videos can be saved to a microSD card (included).

* USB 3.0 SD Card reader included.

* 8 LED ring illumination with adjustable intensity control allows setting optimal illumination levels.

* Two flexible LED lights can be moved freely, and their brightness can be adjusted by controls on the tethered remote.


Click on the screen below to see a video of Overview of Features of the SAE106S

Click on the screen below to see a video of Demonstration of Features of the SAE106S



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