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: March 31, 2010
   Alan Lowne, President, Saelig Co. Inc.
             Tel: (585) 385-1750 Email: info@saelig.com


Saelig Debuts 12GHz TDR/TDT Sampling Oscilloscope

Pittsford, NY, USA:  Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced PicoScope 9211A - a new, economical instrument specifically designed for time-domain reflectometry, providing a low-cost method of analyzing the real-world functionality of cables, connectors, circuit boards and IC packages.

PicoScope 9211A stimulates a device under test using two independently programmable 100-ps rise-time step generators, and builds up an accurate performance picture from a sequence of reflected or transmitted pulses via its 12 GHz sampling inputs. The results can be usefully displayed as volts, ohms or reflection coefficient against time or distance – and at a cost far less than previously available.

As well as time-domain reflectometry (TDR) and time-domain transmissometry (TDT)  analysis, PicoScope 9211A can also be used for mask-limit testing communications standards such as Ethernet, InfiniBand 2.5G and 5.0G, XAUI, ITU G.703, ANSI T1/102, RapidIO 1.25G and 3.125G, G.984.2, PCI Express 2.5G and 3.0G, and Serial ATA 1.5G and 3.0G. Over 150 industry-standard masks are included.

PicoScope 9211A features three trigger inputs: a DC to 1 GHz direct trigger, a 1 to 10 GHz prescaled trigger, and a 12.3 Mbps to 2.7 Gbps clock-recovery trigger - as well as an internal 10 Gbps software pattern sync trigger for averaging Eye-diagrams.

Unlike traditional, bulky bench-top instruments, PicoScope 9211A takes up very little bench space. The analyzer connects to a Windows PC via its USB 2.0 port, but an Ethernet port is also provided for remote operation over a network.



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