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October 27, 2006  -  for immediate release: 

Saelig announces CANstick –

a versatile automobile diagnostic tool.


Pittsford, NY: CANstick Basic is a versatile, self-powered automobile diagnostic tool which can simply be attached to the OBD interface of a vehicle to transmit or receive predefined CAN sequences and show responses. CANstick Basic is useful for both the production floor when programmed with specific options, and in development or test situations as a quick troubleshooter or test station. Using 4 pre-programmed keys, CAN messages are sent and CAN replies decoded. The 6 programmable LED´s show go/no go feedback of the task to an operator. The equipment (which only needs 50mA) is powered from the standard 14-pin OBD interface with vehicle voltage and needs no other power supply.

Weighing only 7oz and housed in a sturdy 4” x 2” x 1” metal case, CANstick’s internal Flash-programmed microprocessor can be set up from any PC to independently transmit and receive specific CAN sequences and illuminate individual LED´s depending on the messages received.  Programming is accomplished via a serial connection from the PC using software provided.

Made in Germany by IHR (one of Europe’s major CAN and LIN  experts) CANstick Basic is available now  from their USA distributor - Saelig Co. Inc. 

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