New Product Press Release

For Immediate Release  -  January 13, 2009


Integrate Tiny Multipoint RF Design with
 Analog and Digital I/O Directly on to Your PCB


Pittsford, NY:  EmbedRF Integrated™ is a new RF solution for economically and rapidly adding low power wireless capabilities to your own analog or digital product, without requiring any network license fees or complex RF skills.  Based on the proven EmbedRF™ board, EmbedRF Integrated™ consists of the EmbedRF™ Baseband Processor, a low cost Microchip PIC microcontroller preloaded with EmbedRF OS firmware and carefully designed Gerber design files for integrating an RF design directly into your own board.

The EmbedRF Baseband Processor with EmbedRF OS firmware handles the RF data transfer between two modules (base-slave or peer-to-peer). It has an intelligent search-and-link feature which enables a given EmbedRF module to initiate contact with only the EmbedRF chip in closest proximity. The EmbedRF OS was designed with power conservation in mind so that a single module can run for years off of a single lithium coin cell.  EmbedRF Integratedcan be easily configured as a periodic transceiver for applications such as parameter or medical data-logging, or an on-demand transceiver for remote control applications.  With 4 analog inputs, the EmbedRF Integrated™ design can directly interface with voltage-output sensors and transmit the information up to 50 feet.  Bidirectional transmit/receive point-to-point and point-to-multipoint capabilities make this design a unique wireless solution for applications requiring a simple off-the-shelf, low-power, turn-key design without needing complex RF design work. Roughly the size of a postage stamp - EmbedRF Integrated™ even includes an on-board antenna in its 4-layer design. This transceiver is ideal for use in size- and cost-conscious products like toys, personal or medical loggers, or mobile equipment.  

Operating with an output power up to 5dBm at frequencies from 400MHz to 928MHz,  EmbedRF Integrated™ features intelligent search and sophisticated 24-bit security capabilities.  EmbedRF Integrated™ can work on 2.0 to 3.6V from -40degC to 85degC without trimming.  EmbedRF Integrated™ will operate in point-to-point one-way, two-way, or two-way multipoint star-connection.  Based on Chipcon’s CC1100 chipset, EmbedRF Integrated™ typically uses less than 0.3uA when sleeping, so with periodic transmissions of 0.25s to 12.75s an extremely long battery life is possible – average current consumption ranges from 255uA to as low as 6 uA depending on transmission interval.  EmbedRF Integrated™ offers up to four analog inputs with 10-bit resolution for 0 - 3V signals, or 2 analog inputs and 2 digital output lines. EmbedRF Integrated™ configuration is very easy with the pull-down menu software provided.  This unique transceiver module also does CRC RF packet error checking, and even provides a digital RSSI signal output for approximate distance measurement.. 

Beacon (a division of Safe Retrieve Inc.) is using the EmbedRF technology within their mobile electronic systems.  EmbedRF Integrated™ technology is used to notify the mobile system that it is in short range of a base unit, allowing the mobile system to save power.  Scott Swanson, Beacon’s CEO, says: ”The EmbedRF wireless solution was clearly the fastest way to develop a new product with a reliable low-power wireless functionality.  I also like the fact that the EmbedRF transceiver provides distance information between the transmitter and receiver – a critical feature for our application.”

More economical than other 1- or 2-chip wireless solutions, EmbedRF Integrated™ is network-license-free, and can be designed to send 10-byte payloads at 315, 433, 868, or 915MHz while maintaining configuration states on power-down.  With a fast “search” time of under 5 seconds,  EmbedRF Integrated™’s RSSI signal can be used to find the location of nearby network units, which can each have a DeviceID of 2^24 unique numbers.

Designed and made in the USA, the EmbedRF™ Development Kit is available now , with individual modules  from their USA distributor Saelig Co. Inc.  Call a Saelig Sales Rep for further details.     


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