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October 17, 2017
Contact:   Alan Lowne, President, Saelig Company, Inc.
                 Tel: (585) 385-1750 Email:


Saelig Introduces EMCView PC Software For EMC Pre-compliance Testing
TekBoxEMCView simplifies the process of EMC pre-compliance testing of radiated and conducted emissions with numerous pre-configured project files for CISPR-xx (EN550xx) emission measurements

Fairport, NY: Saelig Company, Inc. announces the availability of the TekBox EMCView Pre-compliance Testing  Software.  This PC-compatible software simplifies the process of EMC pre-compliance testing of radiated and conducted emissions.  EMCView complements an emissions test setup of a spectrum analyzer, an LISN (Line Impedance Stabilization Networks) and an EMI-quiet TEM (Transverse ElectroMagnetic) Cell.  Built-in amplitude correction provides the correction and conversion coefficients for cables, amplifiers, attenuators, LISNs, TEM cells, antennas, RF current probes, striplines and capacitive coupling clamps.

Without any time-consuming setup, the software is ready for measurements immediately after installation on a PC. All emission-related CISPR-xx (EN550xx) measurements, as well as some automotive manufacturer standards, are pre-configured in corresponding project files.  The resulting graph supports two complete measurement runs, such as Average / Quasi-Peak or Peak / Quasi Peak or alternatively a fast Quasi-Peak scan of critical peaks.


EMCview software currently supports spectrum analyzers from Rigol and Siglent,  but support for other manufacturers will be added in future software versions.  The anlyzers should preferably be equipped with the manufacturer’s “EMI option”, although it is not essential; if it is not installed, the analyzer will change the preconfigured resolution bandwidths of 200Hz, 9kHz or 120kHz (as specified in the EMC standards) to 300Hz, 10kHz or 100kHz.

With EMCView Pre-compliance Testing  Software, in-house measurements of EMC behavior during product design phase, EMC educational training and pre-compliance product testing are all made easier.  

Created by EMI experts TekBox,it is available now from their authorized North American distributor Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport, NY. 

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