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: January 23, 2012
   Alan Lowne, President, Saelig Company. Inc.
                 Tel: (585) 385-1750 Email: info@saelig.com

Saelig Introduces Novel Electric Potential Sensor for Non-contact ECG and Gesture Measurements

Pittsford, NY: Saelig Company, Inc. announces the availability of the EPIC Sensor (Electric Potential Integrated Circuit) - a new, innovative game-changing disruptive electric field sensor. This completely new sensor technology measures electric field changes without requiring physical or resistive contact. EPIC is an award winning, patent-protected sensor that can rapidly measure electric potential sources such as electrophysiological signals or spatial electric fields.

The EPIC Sensor will revolutionize the way medical ECG/EKG/EEG/EOG, movement sensing, proximity non-touch switching, or even gesture recognition signals are taken in medical and sports instruments, toys, electric appliances, smart lighting, gaming, and security.  The electrode surface of the detector is coated with a passivated thin dielectric for direct application to a test surface (such as human skin) without the need for electrically conductive gel. It can be used as a dry contact ECG sensor without the need for potentially dangerous low impedance circuits across the heart.   By detecting changes in the electric field, the EPIC sensor can also drive a relay to act as a simple non-touch electric switch. The EPIC sensor can be employed in a proximity mode or to detect specific kinds of movement as a gesture recognition device. As the EPIC sensor does not need line of sight, it can even detect movement through solid walls, and can also be used to replace, or as an adjunct to, passive infra-red (PIR) sensors in a variety of applications including security motion detectors.

Dr. Keith Strickland, Plessey Technology Director, comments, “With the EPIC sensor chip, discrete movements of the human body can be detected - even several meters away. For example, the sensor can be configured to detect the proximity of a hand or to detect specific hand motions. These first applications are paving the way for the next generation of sensor array devices that will change the way we write on tablets, use smart phones, control televisions, and interact with gaming applications.”

Applications include: electrophysiological signal detection, ECG/EKG/EOG/EMG/EEG non-critical patient monitoring, emergency response diagnostics, sports and health products, electric field and potential sensing, movement sensing, security, switching and gaming applications, etc. The EPIC sensor, which requires no physical or resistive contact to make measurements, will enable innovative new products to be made such as medical scanners that are simply held close to a patient’s chest to obtain a detailed ECG reading or devices that can “see” through solid walls (perhaps for fire rescue or security). The sensor can be integrated on a chip with other features such as data converters, digital signal processing and wireless communications capability.  Made by Plessey Electronics, a leading European innovator in the development of integrated circuits and sensors.

Video demos of the EPIC sensor can be found at http://www.plesseysemiconductors.com/media_video.html

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