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: February 8, 2016
   Alan Lowne, CEO, Saelig Company, Inc.
                 Tel: (585) 385-1750 Email: info@saelig.com

Saelig Announces New Distribution Agreement with Exostiv Labs

Fairport, NY. Saelig Company Inc. (Fairport, NY) announces that it has been appointed an authorized distributor of EXOSTIV™ FPGA debug products by Byte Paradigm, a leading supplier of embedded development solutions. Exostiv Labs is a division of Byte Paradigm sprl (Wavre, Belgium) which focuses on creating innovative solutions for FPGA debugging.

This agreement will make Exostiv Labs’ patent-pending FPGA debug tools available to Saelig’s huge customer-base of electronic design engineers, electronics manufacturers, defense contractors, DOD, government, education, and individual engineers.  Exostiv Labs is committed to working with Saelig in key geographical markets to assist engineers and FPGA designers in the tough product development challenges they face.

Traditionally, engineers have used an FPGA’s programmability to work with board prototypes for debug and verification. Using a system at speed in its ‘real’ environment is used to overcome modeling errors and excessive simulation times. However, with the unprecedented complexities reached by FPGAs today, the normal instrumentation-based methodologies no longer provide sufficient visibility for systems under test, and FPGA engineers are challenged with tough board implementation constraints.

EXOSTIV is a new kind of embedded instrumentation used in the lab to provide up to 200,000 times more visibility on a system under test than traditional instrumentation techniques. Unlike software-based techniques and emulation, EXOSTIV is used on the target or prototyping boards running at speed of operation. It provides an extended visibility of internal nodes over large periods of time, with a minimal impact on the FPGA resources. EXOSTIV consists of three parts: an IP Block incorporated in the FPGA, special EXOSTIV hardware with a huge memory connected via a high-speed connector, and software running on an attached PC.  EXOSTIV uses the FPGA’s gigabit transceivers to flow captured data to an external memory, providing up to 8 Gigabyte of external data storage for debug traces.

"Our partnership with Saelig contributes to our ongoing successful growth strategy," stated Frederic Leens, Byte Paradigm’s CEO. "We know that Saelig’s helpful technology team will be able to offer a competent conduit for FPGA designers to interface with our Exostiv experts at Byte Paradigm.”

"The Exostiv Labs products are a welcome addition to our expansive selection of unique products that are unavailable anywhere else," said Alan Lowne, Saelig’s founder and CEO. "They allow us to maintain our commitment to providing and supporting the best engineering products available."