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: December 3, 2014
   Alan Lowne, President, Saelig Company, Inc.
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Saelig Announces Programmable Laboratory Precision UV/VIS/IR Spectrophotometer  

ideal for luminaire design and test, LED Binning, Pass/Fail testing, full CIE photometric and radiometric parameter calculation, remote control and data transfer, etc.

Description: LED spectrometer for high-throughput labs

Fairport, NY, USA:  Saelig Company, Inc. ( has introduced the  GL SPECTIS 6.0 Spectrometer, a rack-mounted, high-end production spectrometer for production QA testing and optical laboratory setups. The GL Spectis 6.0, in combination with GL Optic’s integrated range of probes, integrating spheres, as well as compatible current sources, powers supplies and TEC chip coolers, can measure the quality properties of illuminants from LED wafers to large illuminators. Supporting the most relevant standards, it can be an essential device to maintain quality levels in production environments.

New lighting standards and temperature specifications impose an increasing number of additional quality requirements on LED products. The GL SPECTIS 6.0’s 2U 19" form factor makes itDiagram ideal for use with other test equipment in a standard rack mount and measures radiation intensity across a very broad spectral range from 200 nm to 1050 nm - from ultra violet across the entire visible range to near infrared - with a spectral resolution of just 3.5 nm.  This feature set makes the GL Spectis 6.0 the ideal instrument for high-throughput measurements of LED wafers or large luminaries like street lamps, and it addresses the increasingly stringent requirements of international illumination standards such as CIE 127:2007 for LED surveys; this standard defines techniques for measuring photometric and radiometric parameters such as radiated power or LED partial luminous flux. The instrument also meets the IESNA LM79-08 standard describing processes for reproducible measurements of total luminous flux, light distribution, or color temperature of solid-state lighting products. The GL Spectis 6.0 fulfils the requirements of the ecodesign directive No. 1194/2012 regarding the policies for efficiency and labeling of LED packages. Another important property of LED illumination handled easily by the Spectis 6.0 Spectrophotometer is ‘efficiency’, frequently used as a comparison of LEDs with conventional light sources.

The available GL SPECTROSOFT Pro PC intuitive “drag-and-drop” software integrates seamlessly with the GL SPECTIS 6.0 Spectrophotometer for control and data transfer. With the GL SPECTIS 6.0 and GL SPECTROSOFT Pro software, design and quality assurance processes and experiments in light engine development are greatly simplified: test procedures can be quickly created using a combination of GL Optic Integrating spheres, probes, as well as compatible current sources, power supplies, and thermo-electric cooler controllers.  The intuitive GL SPECTROSOFT Pro software makes it simple to analyze, compare and report light measurement readings at specific ambient temperatures. Seamless integration with the GL SPECTIS 6.0 hardware for wireless control and data transfer provides the most versatile laboratory and production light measurement solution available, providing fast and easy performance specification checks with high throughput and great accuracy.  Implementing fast, robust, and simple testing procedures at critical points in a production line can save money and improve lighting product yield.

Applications include: LED Binning, Pass/Fail testing, relative spectral comparisons, ambient light compensation, timed serial measurements, full CIE photometric and radiometric parameter calculation, remote control and data transfer.

Designed and made in Europe by GL Optic, a leading supplier of standardized light solutions, the  GL SPECTIS 6.0 Spectrometer is available now from GL Optic’s USA distributor Saelig Company. Inc. (NY).


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