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: March 10, 2014
   Alan Lowne, CEO, Saelig Company, Inc.
                      Tel: (585) 385-1750


Economical Three-Dimension Magnetometer Sensor
Magnetic Interference Immunity
Advanced features eliminate drift while lowering cost for smart phones, tablets, gaming devices, digital compasses, GPS navigation, and augmented-reality applications

Fairport, NY:  Saelig Company Inc ( has announced the IST8303 - a single-chip 3-axis digital magnetometer sensor, housed in an extremely small form factor (1.6 x 1.6 x 1.0mm) 12-pin BGA package, making it ideal for high-volume surface-mount portable products.  The IST8303 is an integrated chip containing 3-axis magnetic sensors with an ASIC controller. The IST8303 outputs 14/16-bit data over a wide magnetic field range (+/- 1600uT) in a fast-mode 400kHz I2C digital output.

Functioning on 1.8V with a standby current of less than 10uA, very long battery life can be achieved in many portable applications. The IST8303 has three operation modes:  stand-by, single measurement – followed by standby, and continuous measurement, where the sensors are measured periodically at a preset frequency.  An interrupt function is employed to detect the occurrence of extraordinary external magnetic fields: when the measured output value exceeds 16 Gauss, the INT register is enabled.  The output register contains X, Y, Z axis measurement data stored as two’s complement data.

Designed in 0.18um technology, the IST8303 features anti-offset and anti-temperature, eliminating errors caused by temperature and factory mismatch.  The built-in temperature sensor (-20degC to +85degC) allows for calibration-free designs unaffected by external interference: auto zero-drift eliminates errors from external magnetic sources. No more wrong tags on mobile phone and tablet images!

Hardly bigger than a large grain of salt, the IST8303 is suited to a wide range of portable motion-sensing products such as consumer electronics, digital compasses, GPS/pedestrian navigation, augmented reality applications, magnetometer products, etc.

Costing far less than competitive products, iSentek’s IST8303 - already designed into some mass-produced mobile phones and Windows 8 tablets - represents the best performance/cost solution available for smart phones, tablets, gaming devices, digital compasses, GPS navigation, and augmented-reality applications.  Designed and made in Taiwan by fabless MEMS IC design house iSentek, the IST8303 is available now from Saelig Company Inc. their North American distributor. Software and algorithm support and evaluation boards are also available. 

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