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: July 9, 2019
   Alan Lowne, CEO, Saelig Company, Inc.
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MSR145W2D WiFi Data Logger with Flex-Connector Allows For Wide Sensor Choice
The new MSR wireless data logger is easy to use, takes accurate measurements, offers quick data transfer and great flexibility of sensor choice, using WiFi as an instant data delivery method

Fairport, NY, USA:  Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the new MSR145W2D WiFi Data Logger, a miniature data-gathering device that is easy to use, takes accurate measurements, offers quick data transfer, and is designed with great flexibility of sensor choice, using WiFi as an instant data delivery method.  The MSR145W2D miniature data logger can record physical parameter data from a selection of internal sensors and up to five external sensors. These include air pressure, humidity, acceleration, temperature, and strain, but numerous other voltage-output sensors may be used. To ensure ultimate flexibility in the choice of sensors even after the purchase of the logger, the MSR145W2D includes a Flex-Connector - a plug-in connection for customer-specific sensor choice. The MSR145W2D miniature data logger uses WiFi for fast, immediate data transfer via a local wireless network.  The MSR145W2D logger connects with a local WLAN and sends the acquired measurement data either to a local server or via mobile gateway to the MSR SmartCloud.  In this way, the data can be visualized, evaluated, or exported worldwide rapidly on a computer or even on a smartphone.  For alarms, threshold value monitoring with an email warning message can be selected. Using WLAN technology, ambient measurements from inaccessible places can be wirelessly monitored and large amounts of data can be transmitted quickly. Where the WLAN range is insufficient, a wireless repeater can be utilized. 

The MSR145W2D is available is in either an IP60 or a waterproof IP67 case.  A built-in OLED display shows instant sensor data.

MSR data evaluation software is provided, but the MSR145W2D is also compatible with development environments such as LabVIEW for additional data processing.   Virtually any combination of ambient parameters can be accommodated, and these can all be monitored even in challenging locations that are within range of a WiFi network. 

Key Features:

For wireless data logger monitoring of temperature, humidity, fluid pressure, air pressure, light, acceleration, strain and more, the ideal solution is MSR145W2D.  Made in Switzerland by MSR Electronics GmbH, specialists in designing miniaturized dataloggers for a broad range of uses, MSR 145W2D loggers are available from Saelig, their US technical distributor.

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