Thumb-drive-sized, Low-power Shock and Vibration Logger
5 parameters, 2 Million Measurement Memory in One Compact Logger.

Pittsford, NY, USA Saelig Company, Inc. (Saelig) announces the availability of the new MSR165 high resolution 3-axis digital accelerometer mini-datalogger. The rugged MSR165 logger can take 1000 acceleration (shock / vibration) measurements per second in all three axes unique for its size! Simultaneously, temperature, humidity, pressure and illumination levels can be measured, and up to 2,000,000 measurements can be stored in this high-quality datalogger.

The Swiss-made MSR165 allows shock monitoring up to +/- 15g a range frequently requested by users. During a g-analysis, it is often also necessary to investigate the events preceding the actual shock itself. In the case of a short, sharp shock for example, the parameters just before a trigger value is exceeded are also of great interest. MSR165 records measurement parameters for a valuable 32 milliseconds before the main event. The user is not only able to determine that a sharp shock occurred, but is then also able to investigate the exact time-history of the shock.

MSR165 datalogger has extremely low power requirements due to its high-performance 3-axis accelerometer (150 microamperes, 13-bit resolution). And, thanks to its rechargeable 900mAh lithium-polymer battery, the unit can record shock measurements over a period of up to six months. In addition, temperature, humidity, pressure, light and four analog input voltages can be recorded. The installed memory is capable of storing over two million measurement parameters which is sufficient for over 10,000 shocks. Using a microSD card the memory capacity can also be significantly increased which is particularly useful for recording vibration measurements. All saved measurements can be quickly and easily transferred to a PC via the USB interface for further analysis.

MSR165 is ideal for a wide range of applications due to its small size (39 x 23 x 72mm, approx. 69g), five different measurement variables, and its long-term measurement capability. The logger is housed in a waterproof anodized aluminum case. Dataloggers from MSR Electronics ensure that all manufacturing stages are fully documented and can be tracked. MSR165 can be used to measure vibrations in servo-axles or oscillations at a tool carousel to test for defects, wear, or overloading. If you have to transport very expensive machinery, MSR165 can make shock, temperature, humidity and pressure measurements during the journey. Damage can be identified at an early stage and events and liability can be objectively evaluated. The light sensors allow the user to ensure that the packaging was not opened during the journey.

Made in Switzerland by MSR Electronics GmbH, MSR165 loggers are available now from Saelig.    For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig.


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