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: December 2, 2014
   Alan Lowne, President, Saelig Company, Inc.
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Saelig Introduces Self-Calibrating LED Reference Luminance Standard

Uniform, multichannel LED light source provides precise reproduction
of light color coordinates or color temperature

Fairport, NY, USA:  Saelig Company, Inc. (www.saelig.com) has announced improvements in the patent-pending GL OptiLight LED 127 - an integrating-sphere-based uniform source that offers a comprehensive test system in a compact size.  The device now features a patented, multilevel procedure that calibrates every LED light source and stores the spectral properties in the unit’s electronic controls. Closed-loop calibration is possible through a high-accuracy photodiode. An electronic control system and thermal stabilization achieve remarkable colorimetric stabilization.  The ability to control the properties of the internal LEDs uses a complex multilevel calibration procedure that characterizes each individual LED light source.     
The GL Opti Light LED 127 can be used as a calibration reference for cameras and other optical instruments, in addition to being a reference light source for laboratory applications.  It is now being used, for instance, by cell phone manufacturers to calibrate and match front- and back-cameras in manufacturing production situations. 

The GL OptiLight LED 127 can create almost any color source when controlled by a PC via USB connection or set with the LED control panel. The supplied 'adJUST' software allows a wide range of light coordinates to be set according to the user's needs. Several light source standards are also featured, including D50, D65, D75, A, and TL84.

The active multilevel calibration system does not require an external metrological device. The GL OptiLight LED 127 effectively self-controls its operating conditions and adjusts the resultant lighting without the flicker effect of other sources.  The LED technology used in GL OptiLight LED 127 not only exceeds conventional LED sources in light quality, creating  almost any light coordinates with high quality, but can now for the first time accurately reproduce a tremendous color space on demand.

Key features:

Designed and made in Europe by GL Optic, a leading supplier of standardized light solutions, GL OptiLight LED 127 is available now from GL Optic’s USA distributor Saelig Company, Inc. (NY).

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