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: September 30, 2014
   Alan Lowne, President, Saelig Company, Inc.
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Saelig Introduces All-In-One USB-Serial Controller

This one-chip solution with its built-in charge-pump
RS232 transceiver and widely compatible Virtual COM Port drivers, allows compact low power serial devices to be made USB-ready easily without any external active components.

Fairport, NY, USA.  Sept. 5, 2014: 
Saelig Company, Inc. ( has introduced the Prolific PL2303RA, an all-in-one IC that provides a convenient, low-chip-count solution for connecting an RS232 full-duplex asynchronous serial device to any USB-capable host. This on-chip solution with its built-in charge-pump RS232 transceiver and widely compatible Virtual COM Port drivers, compact and low power serial devices can be made USB-ready easily.

The PL2303RA integrates a high baud rate RS-232 transceiver that meets the EIA/TIA-232F and CCITT V.28 communications interface specifications. The RS-232 transceiver is a three-transmitter/five-receiver design with a built-in high-efficiency charge pump circuit. Adding external 1uF capacitors provides the required bipolar output to the transmitters to deliver the correct RS-232 output voltage levels without requiring external active components. The PL2303RA operates at very low power consumption with a guaranteed data rate up to 1000kbps, and also features an active-low shutdown indicator pin.

By taking advantage of USB bulk transfer mode, large data buffers, and automatic flow control, the PL2303RA is capable of achieving higher throughput than traditional UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) ports. The flexible baud rate generator of the PL2303RA can be programmed to generate any data rate between 75bps to 1Mbps.  It supports Remote Wake-Up from any of its RS232 input pin signals. Four general purpose I/O pins are also available for use in product designs.

The PL2303RA has been designed with compact mobile and embedded solutions in mind: its small footprint easily fits into connectors and handheld devices. A complete USB-serial design can be completed without any external active components – just a few surface-mount resistors and capacitors. With its tiny power consumption in either operating or suspend mode, the PL2303RA is ideal for bus-powered operation, allowing plenty of spare power for any attached devices.  It has been designed for -40degC to 85degC operation and comes in a small footprint, RoHS-compliant and Pb-free 28-pin SSOP IC package. 

The PL2303RA is manufactured by Prolific Technology Inc., a leading Taiwan IC design house, and is available now from their USA distributor Saelig Company.


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