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June 11, 2007 - for immediate release: 


Economical 12-bit 20MS/s PC Scope Adapter Has Fast 6MS/s

USB Streaming Driver


Pittsford, NY. The latest free Windows driver for PS3224 and PS3424 USB PC Oscilloscopes is about to open up a new range of applications, thanks to a huge speed increase.  With a new streaming mode capable of transferring over six million samples per second, it allows the scope to bypass its own memory buffer and transfer data direct to the PC’s memory.  This allows programs to capture waveforms at high sampling rates over long periods of time, instead of being limited to shorter captures in “block mode”.  The driver has a new data aggregation function for fast zooming without loss of detail.

The new Vista-compatible driver, with additional functions to support eh enhanced streaming mode, supplied free with each scope, has a fully documented API and an example program in C++, and is aimed at experienced programmers.

PicoScope PS 3224 is a two-channel PC oscilloscope adapter with 12 bit resolution, 20M sample/s sampling rate and a large 512K sample memory buffer.  This USB 2.0 connection makes connection and installation easy, offering smooth, responsive waveform displays.  The USB 2.0 interface also powers the unit, eliminating the need for an external power supply, and it is small enough to carry anywhere you need.  PicoScope PS3434 is a 4-channel version with the same performance. PS3224 and PS3434, with their high resolution and large memory, are ideally suited to applications such as noise, vibration and harshness studies, as well as audio analysis.  12-bit resolution gives the instrument a 72dB dynamic range, which enables detection of low-level harmonics when used in spectrum analyzer mode.  Software capabilities include oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and multi-meter functions, with the ability to measure, save and print waveforms.

Made by Pico Technology, Europe’s major scope adapter manufacturer, PS3224/PS3434 are available now at from Saelig Co. Inc.


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