PicoScope 5000New product Press Release

July 25, 2007   - for immediate release

Programmable Data Acquisition Front-end For PCs -

Streams Data at 6MS/s

Pittsford, NY: PS5000 series dual-channel PC Oscilloscope-adapters offer the world’s fastest real-time sampling rate for USB PC scopes - 1 GS/s. With the capability of storing up to 128 Megasamples in its internal memory buffer, PS5000’s high sampling rate can be used on a wide range of high-speed data-gathering applications without losing vital information. At last you can capture complex waveforms with long time bases without lowering sample rates as competitive products are forced to do.

The new Vista-compatible Application Programming Interface (API) driver software provided free with PS5000 lets you build your own high-speed data acquisition application based on the PS5000 as a data acquisition front-end. Using a high-speed streaming mode built in to the driver, you can log incoming data at up to 6 million samples per second directly to your PC’s hard-disk, or you can use block mode to capture data within the scope at the full 1 GS/s rate. You can also control the scope’s built-in Arbitrary Waveform Generator and set up advanced triggering modes such as pulse-width and interval triggers.

API functions are exported in standard C format, recognized by most programming languages including C, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi and LabView. Programming examples are provided for all these languages.

Made by Pico Technology, Europe’s major scope adapter manufacturer, PS5000 series scope adapters are available now from Saelig Co. Inc.

Hi-Res Image: http://www.saelig.com/images/ps5304.jpg


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