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: September 9, 2013
   Alan Lowne, CEO, Saelig Company, Inc.
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Saelig Announces Deepest Memory High Performance PC Oscilloscopes  
New PC adapters offer unprecedented memory size with built-in signal generators

Fairport, NY, USA:  Saelig Company, Inc. (www.saelig.com) has introduced the new PicoScope 6000 Series high-performance 4-channel PC oscilloscopes with deep buffer memory and a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface. With up to 500 MHz bandwidth on all four channels, and an industry-leading 2 Gsamples of buffer memory, the PS6000 Series has the performance and the advanced analysis capability to speed the debug of today’s complex electronic designs.  With a real-time sampling rate of up to 5GSa/s, the PicoScope 6000 Series oscilloscopes can display single-shot pulses with 200ps time resolution. Equivalent time sampling (ETS) mode boosts the maximum sampling rate to 50GSa/s, giving an even finer timing resolution of 20ps for repetitive signals.

Each model includes a built-in DC to 20MHz function generator with sine, square, triangle and DC waveforms.  Some models also add a built-in 12-bit, 200MSa/s arbitrary waveform generator. PC software features include advanced triggering, automatic measurements with statistics, an FFT spectrum analysis mode, comprehensive waveform math, mask limit testing, and serial decoding for popular serial protocols such as I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN and FlexRay. Another useful feature of the free PicoSoft software is the capability for scaling or modifying the input voltage displayed with a mathematical formula - to correct for gain, attenuation, offsets and non-linearities of probes and transducers, or convert to different measurement units.

The PicoScope 6000 Series provides the deepest buffer memory available as standard on any oscilloscope at any price to enable detailed, in-depth circuit analysis. The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface ensures that the display is smooth and responsive even with long waveform captures. Other oscilloscopes may have high maximum sampling rates, but without deep memory they cannot sustain these rates on long time-bases. The 2Gigasample buffer will hold two 200ms captures at the maximum sampling rate of 5 GSa/s, with a zoom capability of up to 100 million times for easily viewing the tiniest of signal details.

Designed and made by Europe’s premiere PC scope manufacturer, award-winning Pico Technology, the PicoScope 6000 Series oscilloscopes are available now from Pico’s USA distributor Saelig Company, Inc.

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