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: September 27, 2016
Alan Lowne, CEO, Saelig Co. Inc.
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Saelig Introduces High Efficiency and High Power Density 1500W

Single-Channel Programmable DC Supplies with Multiple Features 
High precision DC voltages with operational modes can suit a variety of test and operational applications

Fairport, NY, USA:  Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the PSU-Series of single output programmable switching DC power supplies that can provide up to 200A current and cover a power range up to 1520W. These high efficiency, high power density supplies include five models from 6V to 60V rated voltages.  The PSU-series can be connected in series for increased power capacity: up to two units in series or up to four in parallel to cover a broad coverage of applications.

The PSU-Series of 19” rackmount (1U) single channel power supplies from GWInstek provide Constant Voltage / Constant Current selection - a very useful safety feature for protecting a Device Under Test (DUT). The power supplies normally operate in constant voltage (CV) mode when turned on, but, if connected to a capacitive load, this could cause a high inrush current or current-intensive load at the power output stage.  Running in constant current mode limits current spikes, protecting the DUT from inrush current damage.  The Over-voltage (OVP) and Over-current (OCP) protection levels can be selected from 10% to 110%, with the default level set at 110% of the power supply’s rated voltage / current.

The adjustable slew rate of the PSU-Series allows users to set either output voltage or output current with a specific rise time for low to high level transition, and a specific fall time for high to low level transition. This facilitates the characterization of a DUT during voltage or current level changes with controllable slew rates. The Output On/Off delay feature enables the setting of a specific time delay for Output On after the power supply output is turned on, and a specific time delay for Output Off. When multiple PSU units are used, the On/Off delay time of each unit can be set respectively at preset time points. This multiple-output control can be done through the analog control terminal at rear panel or through the PC programming with standard commands.

The PSU-Series provides USB Host , USB Device , LAN, RS-232 with RS-485, and isolated analog control interfaces as standard. A LabView driver is also available for rear-panel external control of Power On/ Off and external monitoring of the power output voltage and current.

Made by the Taiwanese test and measurement specialists GWInstek, the PSU Series Power Supplies are available now from Saelig Company, Inc. 


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