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: July 8, 2014
   Alan Lowne, President, Saelig Company. Inc.
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Lightweight Forensic EMI Pouch
With USB2.0 Port For Field Investigations

Fairport, NY, USA:  Saelig Company, Inc. has announced that it has a range of EMI pouches designed for law enforcement use when seizing a cellphone, iPad, or laptop PC to prevent data compromise.  It is possible to wipe out a phone’s memory just by a phone call to the device. The Supreme Court has just ruled that a warrant is needed before a cellphone can be examined for personal information and an EMI Pouch is the perfect way to keep communication devices uncompromised.

Before the Supreme Court decision of June 26, 2014, some lower courts had said that police officers could, at the time of arrest, search a cellphone without a warrant. A cellphone was considered as no different from a cigarette pack or pictures in a wallet. But that has all changed with the Court’s ruling.  Unanimously, the Justices said that the police generally may not, without a warrant, search digital information on a cellphone seized from an individual who has been arrested, unless there is an emergency circumstance.

Chief Justice John Roberts himself said that “if the officers are concerned that data might be lost, they can disconnect the phone from the network either by removing its battery or placing it in a bag that isolates the phone from radio waves.”

A suitable product in this situation is Saelig’s SFP1215W, a shielded forensic Pouch that enables hands-on manipulation of wireless devices in an RF-tight environment, making sure that internal data is not compromised from the moment of capture.  With a warrant in hand, there is even no need to take the captured device back to the laboratory to view the internal memory. The see-through soft material window and USB 2.0 connector provide fast and secure device manipulation and evidence collection in the field.  On-site mobile device data extraction is now a reality with the SFP1215W, which is more versatile, portable, and affordable than lab-based metal enclosures.  Targeted for the law enforcement and engineering community, the SFP1215W weighs less than 1lb, with outside dimensions of 15”L x 11¾”W x 4”H and inside dimensions of 14”L X 10 W x 3”H.

The SFP1215W is manufactured from the same proprietary Silver/Copper/Nickel fabric used to make room-sized RF shielded enclosures. It provides better than –75 dB, 99.95% RF isolation from 500MHz to 6.0GHz, and works with any portable wireless device - including smart phones, tablet PCs, and GPS units, controlled via built-in capacitive sensing technology.  The USB2.0 connection offers a fast and secure link to any forensic diagnostic software and/or computer.

Items included with the SFP1215W: a 1m USB A-to-B cable for external connection, a 0.5m USB A-to-Micro B cable for internal connection (supports most devices), and ten Wireless Evidence Cards.  Optionally available are a Touch Screen Manipulation Insert and a weather-resistant carry bag. 

The SFP1215W is available now from $415.00 from Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport, NY. 


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