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: Feb. 18, 2015
Alan Lowne, CEO, Saelig Company, Inc.
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Saelig Introduces World's First RF / EMC Camera System
Real-time visualization of RF fields and EMC measurements

Fairport, NY, USA:  Saelig Company, Inc. (www.saelig.com) has announced the world's first RF / EMC ‘camera system’, the SPECTRAN RF VIEW from German-based Aaronia. This unique RF measurement system consists of an array of complexBeamforming Diagram measurement setups at each "RF pixel" of the RF ‘camera’. Each unit consists of a Spectrum Analyzer from Aaronia’s SPECTRAN RSA series with a connected isotropic broadband antenna, each of which is network-connected to a central server. The antennas are arranged in an equidistant X / Y matrix grid. The measurement data (amplitude and/or frequency) are visualized on a PC somewhat like a ‘chessboard-display’. Each field of the ‘chessboard’ represents a measurement data location.  An ‘RF camera’ with 8x8 points (64 pixels resolution) thus requires 64 measurement units.  While this resolution may seem rather small, it allows amazingly detailed measurements of antenna spread characteristics or the graphical classification of radiated emissions during an EMC test or experimental adjustments.

The SPECTRAN RF VIEW saves considerable measurement time and allows for very detailed information on the spreading patterns of emissions. The system can be extended to any size in order to reach much higher resolutions and has already been successfully used for research programs and product evaluation for a leading European telecommunications provider.

The system price is quite reasonable, bearing in mind the considerable amount of valuable experimental time that can be saved. A 32-pixel system with 6GHz range is currently available, with versions up to 20GHz bandwidth also available.

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