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November 28, 2007  -  for immediate release

USB-based SPI Analyzer
Checks Out 3-wire Busses

PC-controlled instrument assists debug, analysis, programming and testing of SPI chips and electronic boards.

Pittsford, NY: SPI Xpress is a high-speed SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface)

exerciser/analyzer for debug, analysis and testing of chips and electronic boards. It works not only for standard SPI-protocol interfaces but also many other serial interfaces that vary from the SPI standard, including 3-wire interfaces with bidirectional data line, and all at up to 50 Mbps data rate. SPI Xpress is delivered with “8PI Control Panel” control software which features an SPI application with graphical user interface, integrated waveform viewer, scripting TCL/tk interface, and direct C/C++ DLL access.

Powered either from the USB bus or from an external power supply, SPI Xpress’ is a versatile 3- and 4-wire SPI exerciser/analyzer which uses a USB 2.0 high speed interface. This permits very fast signal analysis for debug, analysis, programming and testing of chips and electronic boards that use SPI for chip-to-chip communications.  SPI Xpress can act as both a PC-controlled master (exerciser) with up to 5 slaves and as a SPI protocol sniffer (analyzer).

Not all serial ICs use a strictly SPI-compliant interface: signal polarities and transitions can differ from the standard and there is an increasing tendency to reduce the pin count from four to three wires. At data rates up to 50Mbit/s, SPI Xpress offers cycle-accurate operation and zero latency between accesses in a convenient tool for the electronic engineer performing design, debug and test.

SPI Xpress is supplied with accessories and control software (MS Windows) including a graphical user interface, a waveform viewer, scripting TCL/tk interface and direct C/C++ DLL access.  This enables complex automated control and advanced integration within custom environments developed in TCL/tk, C/C++, Visual Basic and others.

Target applications include both in-lab development and on-site, after-installation servicing for: chip-to-chip communication emulation, SPI-based flash memory access, SPI system development and debug, custom 3- and 4- wire serial protocol communication, RF chip characterization and test via DigRF protocol, SPI sniffing, etc.

Made in Europe by Byte Paradigm, SPI Xpress is available from stock at Saelig Co.



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