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: July 28, 2015
   Alan Lowne, CEO, Saelig Company, Inc.
                 (585) 385-1750 info@saelig.com


Saelig Introduces Economical 34.4MHz – 4.4GHz RF Signal Generator plus RF Power Detector
Innovative low-cost RF signal generator is programmable, and software-tunable  

Fairport, NY. Saelig Company Inc. announces the SynthNV - a programmable 34.4MHz to 4.4GHz software-tunable RF signal and sweep generator with a built-in RF power detector.  It is controlled and powered from any device running Windows, Linux or Android OS via a USB port. The included onboard RF power detector can be used as a generic RF power meter or combined with the SynthNV’s sweep function to create a basic RF network analyzer. When the RF signal generator frequency is set, RF power can be measured in less than 400uS. The SynthNV design also includes nonvolatile memory so it can be programmed to wake up with any frequency, power, sweep, and modulation setting. 

Controlled by easy-to-use open-source Labview GUI software, the SynthNV can be powered from a USB port or from an external 6 – 9V source.  The SynthNV can run all its features with or without a connected PC, and its impressive specifications include: 2.5ppm generator frequency accuracy, 150us generator lock time, 1kHz or smaller generator step size, phase noise of  93dBc/Hz@ 1kHz offset and 117dBc/Hz @ 100kHz offset with a 1GHz carrier (typical).  Modulation capabilities include AM with sinusoid, ramp, sawtooth or programmable arbitrary waveforms, as well as Pulse Modulation with 1us minimum pulse width and resolution. Output power is +19dBm which can be adjusted in 0.5dB amplitude steps.  The broadband RF power detector measurement time is only 200us, and it measures from -60dBm to +10dBm with 0.1dB resolution.  

This highly mobile, very affordable, low power RF module is an ideal solution for a wide variety of RF signal generation needs.  Applications include: Wireless communications systems, RF and microwave radios, Software Defined Radio (SDR), radar, Automated Test Equipment (ATE), EMC -radiated immunity pre-compliance testing, Scalar Network Analysis (SNA),  Electronic Warfare (EW)and Law Enforcement, local oscillator replacement, quantum device research, plasma physics, education, etc.

Designed and manufactured in USA by Windfreak Technologies, a designer of low cost, innovative RF products that are in use worldwide in a variety of technical applications, the SynthNV is available now from Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport, NY.

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