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: November 13, 2012
   Alan Lowne, President, Saelig Co. Inc.
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Saelig Introduces Novel USB RF Modules for Economical Configurable RF Test Measurements

Pittsford, NY: Saelig Company, Inc. announces the availability of the TelemakusUSB range of USB-controlled RF products. Using any Windows PC and a USB hub, multiple TelemakusUSB  RF modules can be connected and controlled to build up a complex system of RF functions that include switches, attenuators, amplifiers, signal generators, vector modulators, phase shifters, frequency doublers, and power detectors.

It is now easy and economical to combine these TelemakusUSB modules together to assemble a custom, reconfigurable and extremely portable RF test system, creating the features of expensive benchtop systems (such as network analyzers, and synthesized signal generators) at a fraction of their cost.  A configuration might, for instance, consist of a signal generator, a step attenuator or driver amplifier to control signal output power, all driving a device under test, and measuring the DUT output with a wideband power sensor.  All these TelemakusUSB devices are controlled by free visual software supplied, running on a PC host, mimicking the characteristics of an expensive piece of RF test equipment such as a scalar network analyzer.  This reduces the test set-up cost by an order of magnitude over equivalent benchtop instruments, with the added advantage that these small modules fit in a briefcase for travel to customer field sites. These innovative modules leverage the enormous power and capabilities of the PC.  Each module has its own flash memory and microprocessor, so the calibration parameters for each device are stored internally.

Video demos of TelemakusUSB products are at:

Made by Telemakus, a leading, innovative RF design house, the TelemakusUSB range of USB-controlled RF products are available now from Saelig Company, Inc. Pittsford, NY, Telemakus’ authorized US distributor. 

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