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July 29,2007  - For Immediate release


Self-powered, Isolated
USB-RS422/RS485 Interface Converter Has Unique ID.



Pittsford, NY.  USB-485-K is a versatile USB-to-RS422/RS485 isolated interface converter intended to provide an

RS422/485 port on a PC which only has a USB port available. Software drivers provided create a virtual COM port for standard Windows application programs. Isolation between USB interface and the RS422/485 (DB9F) interface is 1500V AC RMS - great for breaking ground loops or for protecting equipment.

Significantly, each
USB-485-K contains a unique USB device ID, since it is based on FTDI ICs. This insures that whichever USB port it is plugged into, it always appears under the same COM port number. This allows you to use multiple USB-485-K converters (even into the same USB port) on the same PC as they will each appear under a new COM port number.

USB-485-K is a 1 meter, self-contained adapter cable that needs no switch or software configuration. The only customizable features are whether the RS4xx drive is to be permanently enabled (for RS422 point to point systems, or for use as a Master on a 4-wire RS485 multidrop system) or whether the RS4xx receiver is to be forced to be permanently enabled for receipt of all transmitted data (usually this is for RS422 point to point systems). These selections are done by grounding pins 9 and 5 respectively. The selection of baud rate and character format is done by the Windows application program.

USB-485-K is powered entirely from the PC’s USB port using an internal isolated inverter to drive the isolated RS422/485 interface.  USB-485-K performs automatic driver enable (ADE) automatically, enabling the RS485 drive for each transmitted character, eliminating the need for application software to provide RTS control. This can be overridden by grounding pin 9 of the DB9 connector to permanently enables the drive stage, for RS422 (or 4-wire RS485 Master) applications. All baud rates up to and including 115200 baud are supported.

Made by KK Systems, Europe’s foremost serial interface manufacturer, USB-485-K is available now  from Saelig Co. Inc.

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