: January 17, 2011
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Saelig Debuts New Educational Scope/Logger

Pittsford, NY, USA:   Saelig Company, Inc. (Saelig) ( has introduced the USB DrDAQ – a combination scope/data-logger/IO board that offers an amazing collection of 15 I/O channels in a compact, low-cost device designed for hobbyists, teachers and technicians. Software provided with the unit provides an easy-to-use 100kHz-bandwidth oscilloscope and datalogger, with extra input and output capabilities straight out of the box.

Built into the USB DrDAQ are a microphone, light sensor, RGB LED, oscilloscope and resistance inputs, 4 digital I/O ports, 3 sensor ports, a pH/redox sensor input and a signal generator output. The unit is powered from the USB port so there is no need for an external power supply. USB DrDAQ samples at 1MSa/s and can be used as a single-channel 8-bit 100kHz oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer with the ability to measure voltages up to ±10 volts.

USB DrDAQ’s 10-bit D/A output features a 10-bit signal generator -  a standard function generator, but also an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), so customized waveforms can be created. An RGB LED can be used to display any color for a variety of indicator purposes. Two of the I/O ports can be used as pulse counting inputs, or PWM (pulse-width modulation) outputs. The sensor ports can be used with a range of temperature, humidity and oxygen sensors, or with custom sensors built by the user.

USB DrDAQ will find its way into a wide variety of applications from education to research for signals at audio frequencies and beyond.  It is supplied with a free Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) with fully documented function calls to control all aspects of the device, so it can even be integrated into other programs in C, C++, Microsoft Excel and National Instruments LabVIEW.


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