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:  March. 12, 2012
   Alan Lowne, CEO, Saelig Co. Inc.
                    Tel: (585) 385-1750
                    Email: info@saelig.com

Saelig Introduces New Easy-use Serial-WiFi Module

Pittsford, NY:  WizFi210 and WizFi220 WiFi modules offer a quick, easy, and cost effective way for device and appliance manufacturers to add Wi-Fi capabilities to their products. The modules provide WiFi/serial UART interface for any embedded design utilizing an 8/16/32-bit microcontroller via simple AT commands. WizFi210 and WizFi220 are ideal solutions for organizations with limited or no Wi-Fi or RF expertise, as it not only dramatically reduces RF design time, but also removes the burden of testing and certification, allowing customers to focus on their core application, product, or expertise.

Tiny 1.2” x 1.0” WizFi210 and WizFi220 WiFi modules support 802.11b data rates up to 11 Mbps on standard 802.11 b/g/n access points, with an ultra-low power wireless system-on-a-chip. The embedded Serial-to-WiFi firmware allows designers to easily add Wi-Fi capabilities to their products with minor impact on the host microcontroller firmware. WizFi210 and WizFi220 WiFi modules provide all the hardware and software necessary to quickly set up a serial UART-based link to a PC or external microcontroller. They feature ultra-low power consumption through dynamic power management and low power modes, with an Alarm Input for wake-up. WizFi210 is the lowest power consumption version, while the WizFi220 is a RF-enhanced product with a built-in power amplifier, providing increased WiFi range.

WizFi210 and WizFi220 WiFi modules bring Wi-Fi connectivity to any device with a microcontroller and serial interface with minimal serial-to-Wi-Fi driver burden on the host microcontroller.  WizFi210 and WizFi220 WiFi modules offload the complex tasks of Wi-Fi and TCP/ IP networking, allowing smaller host microcontrollers to be used for projects designs, and thus reducing development time, testing, and certification burdens. Simple AT commands are used for configuration and data communication. WizFi210 and WizFi220 WiFi modules include high-throughput hardware AES and RC4 encryption/decryption engines, and offer 802.11i security (WEP, WPA, WPA2-PSK, Enterprise).  Their limited AP feature allows direct connection to iPhone, iPad and Android phones without needing an app. I/O interface choices include SPI, UART, GPIO, I2C, ADC, and JTAG.

WizFi210 and WizFi220 WiFi modules are available from WIZnet's USA distributor Saelig Company. 


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