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: Sept 12, 2011
Contact:   Alan Lowne, President, Saelig Co. Inc.
                   (585) 385-1750

Saelig Announces Advanced 350MHz AFG Signal Generators

Wave Standard WS8351/WS8352 offer the latest in signal generation technology 350MHz Arbitrary/Pulse Function Generators

Pittsford, NY, USA:  Saelig Company, Inc. announces its availability of the Wave Standard series of advanced Arbitrary Function Generators from Tabor (Israel). Offering up to 350MHz in single and dual channels, WS8351 and WS8352, deliver fast, versatile, high-performance arbitrary waveform, function, and pulse generation.

Designed to fulfill the growing needs of today’s design and test engineers, these new models boast a 2GS/s clock with a 512k memory and up to 4Vpp output into 50 ohms. This allows the generation of a wide variety of complex waveforms at very high speeds. In addition to its function and arbitrary capabilities, these ultra-fast WS models can generate high-precision pulses with extensive pattern composition utilizing PulseComposerTM pulse/pattern composer application software.  PulseComposerTM includes special modes such as: programmable transition times, multi-level patterns, arbitrary bit design and PAM(n), utilizing either NRZ or RZ modes with data rates reaching as high as 350MBit/s.

Key Features Include:


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