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RealView - Analog Data Plotting Software

    RealView - Analog Data Plotting Software

    Manufacturer: ABACOM

    This product is discontinued.


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    System requirements
    Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista
    CD-ROM drive
    Supported hardware

    Innovations of RealView 3.0

    Bundle: 8-channel-analogue-measurement

    • 1 x RealView 3.0
    • 1 x USB module, 8-channel, 10-Bit, 0..2,047 V
    • 1 x USB cable

    Bundle: 8-channel-temperature-measurement

    RealView is a measurement application, which records and plots measured values from analog hardware devices in real-time. Several curves can be plotted on to a single diagram. Several diagrams can be arranged on one or more pages if necessary. Plot options like pen width or pen color can be used to create perfectly styled diagrams.

    Click here to see the list of the supported hardware


    RealView records and plots your measurement values in real-time. The sample rate can vary from 5 ms up to 30 min. There is no limit in the duration of the measurement. You can display several curves in the same plotter. Each curve can have its own Y-axis, or all curves can have the same Y-axis.

    You can arrange several plots side by side, one below the other or on several pages. You can define the colors and design of the plotter just the way you want. The curves can also have the color and width you prefer. This all helps you to create clearly displayed measurements.

    After the recording is finished, you can zoom in to every region of your plots. With simple mouse clicks you can zoom deeply in or out of the traces. Special zoom functions provided can always help you to step back, go to your latest zoom, or to zoom your plots with an optimum range.

    With the Pause Button you can analyze your readings while the recording is still running. You can zoom into interesting sections, measure some special regions, etc. The recording is still running unhindered in the background. A second click on the Pause Button and the curve will be displayed in real-time again.

    Special Zoom Functions
    With these Special Zoom Functions you can set optimum display ranges for your curves with just one click.

    With the help of markers, you can examine your curves very accurately. You can place markers anywhere you want - the differential values in X and Y direction are displayed. Setting markers makes it easy to read differential values of a plot, or to determine the amplitude, period or even the integral of a sampled signal.

    Automatic Functions
    These enable you to start, stop and save your measurements automatically. You can define a threshold value to make the plotter start automatically if this value is reached. You can set the measurement duration, and the plotter will stop measuring then. After that, the measurement can be saved, and can restart automatically.  With these features, you are able to split a long-term measurement into several hours or days, for example.

    Curves - Channels
    Every curve corresponds to a channel in a plotter. You can change the settings for each channel in a clearly arranged dialog box. Each channel will be assigned to one single hardware input. You can set the color, width, measurement units and the name of the channel. Units can also have an automatic function, so you get easily-read values (e.g. 1.23 mV instead of 0.00123 V).

    A channel can get its values even via a calculation with other channels instead of an acutal hardware device. This gives you the ability to create power curves as a multiplication of 2 other channels V and I, for instance.

    Channel list
    Each plot has a channel list on the left side. Here you can add or delete channels, show or hide single channels and edit the properties of each channel.
    At the top of the channel list you can continuously see and change the current sample rate and display rate. You can show or hide the live display of the current value for each channel. You can also switch between one single Y-axis, or separate Y-axes for each channel.

    Smoothing curves
    Signal smoothing can be adjusted from very low to extreme for each channel. This allows you to display trends, for instance, without noise confusion. This function works like an adjustable low-pass filter.

    Each plot shows a status caption. This shows the most relevant information like start time, stop time, number of measurements or memory used

    offers a handy preview of the printout. The preview window shows the diagram of the currently selected plot. You can move the diagram to any position on the paper, moving where you would like it to be printed. Any changes in the print parameters can be seen immediately in the preview. Here you can add comments to your printout a very useful feature! The "Endless-form" option lets you make a printout of very long traces - over several pages.

    can export measured data for use with other applications like MS-Excel etc. A text file is written which can be imported and processed by other applications.  The export dialog offers several format options. The preview shows the first three rows of exported data, just as they will appear in the written text file.

    Demo Version

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