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5MHz Mixed Signal Scope Adapter for Apple Devices (iMSO-104)

    5MHz Mixed Signal Scope Adapter for Apple Devices (iMSO-104)

    Manufacturer: Oscium

    Price: $296.99

    * iPAD not included

    Design Vision Award Image

    Oscium iMSO-104 Wins Award: Most Innovative Test Equipment 2012


    • Description
    • Downloads

    iMSO-104 from Oscium is the first mixed-signal oscilloscope that leverages Apple's ubiquitous iOS devices. It is the smallest, most portable scope in the world. It boasts a 5 MHz bandwidth and up to 12 MSa/s sample rate, with one analog and four digital inputs. The iMSO app is downloadable from the Apple App Store. iMSO-104 is the easiest, most intuitive scope solution on the market.

    Scaling is done simply by a “two finger stretch” – familiar to any smartphone user! It has been fully implemented for both the horizontal and vertical scaling. 

    Intuitive hand gestures are used to navigate:
    • Trigger Level - Setting the analog trigger level is as easy as touching the right side of the screen and swiping either up or down. Buttons and knobs on test equipment are going the way of the horse and buggy.  
    • Zooming – Changing the vertical & horizontal scales can be done by moving two fingers away from each other. And to zoom out, simply pinch the screen moving two fingers toward each other. 
    • Repositioning Channels - Both the analog and digital channels are also easy to reposition. Touch and swipe the desired channel to any position on the screen to customize your display.
    But don’t take our word for it. Download iMSO in the App Store and test drive our interface for free! Oscium is making test equipment more intuitive so that the inventor can spend more time debugging than fumbling with the test equipment interface.  
    • iMSO-104 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Hardware
    • 1x/10 Analog Probe
    • Logic Harness (4 Digital + 1 Ground) 
    • SMD Grabbers (4 Digital + 1 Ground)
    • Screwdriver for Analog Waveform Compensation Adjustment
    • Analog tip covers (2 pieces)
    • Required iPhone, iPAD, iPOD NOT included


    What people are saying

     “So how does this touch interface compare to an oscilloscope with knobs? We actually think the experience is better! The touch-interface of the iPad represents a viable alternative to traditional knob-based oscilloscopes. The software on this device is outstanding… ” - Joe Wolin, eeWeb Co-Founder.

    "This is really rather tasty. If you’re into the gigahertz range, this isn’t going to do you any good. But for the sort of stuff that I do, this is pretty darn smart. It’s an oscilloscope in your pocket. I for one am well impressed. Jolly good idea. Wish I would have thought of it.” - Max Maxfield, EE Times, Editor Programmable Logic DesignLine

    "I've been using logic analyzers and oscilloscopes on and off for 30 years. In terms of sheer ease of use, this is the best I've ever gotten my hands on (pun intended)." – James Turner in IEEE Spectrum

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