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GW Instek MFG-2160MR 1-Ch 60MHz AFG w/ Pulse Gen / 320MHz RF SG

    GW Instek MFG-2160MR 1-Ch 60MHz AFG w/ Pulse Gen / 320MHz RF SG

    Manufacturer: GW Instek

    Price: $936.00


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    The MFG-2160MR is a 60MHz Single channel Arbitrary Function Generator with a built-in 25MHz Pulse Generator, modulation capabilities, and a 320MHz RF signal generator channel.  The ergonomically designed front panel, with its clear 4.3” TFT color display, allows arbitrary waveforms to be selected, edited, stored, recalled, output, and triggered from a choice of 66 built-in waveforms.

    GWInstek’s MFG-2000 Series of Multi-channel Function Generators ranges from the MFG-21XX entry-level models right up to the MFG-22XX advanced models with up to five isolated functional channels.  Channels 1 and 2 provide identical high-performance 60MHz arbitrary function generators; Channel 3 is an RF signal generator channel, with output up to 320MHz; like CH1/CH2, it can output sine, square, ramp, pulse, noise, etc. as well as various RF modulation schemes such as AM/FM/PM/FSK/PWM, Sweep, Burst, Trigger.  Also included in each model is a 25MHz pulse generator channel with adjustable pulse width, duty cycle, rising and falling edge time.  Some models  also feature a low-distortion 100kHz Power Amplifier channel - ideal for audio signals – and a 150MHz Frequency Counter channel.  All five different functionality channels operate independently and have grounds that are isolated from the instrument chassis - ideal for floating circuit tests. A built-in DC bias voltage can also be applied to the various waveforms.    The AFG channel of the MFG-2000 series outputs sine, square, and triangle, etc. True 14-bit arbitrary waveforms are created with a 200MHz sample rate, 100MHz waveform repetition rate, and 16kpts of memory depth. The synchronized dual-channel MFG-2200 models provide correlated functions, including synchronization, delay, sum, and coupling.

    GWInstek’s Arbitrary Waveform Editing Software allows MFG-2000 series users to easily and quickly edit arbitrary waveforms for use with the function generator. Its Direct Waveform Reconstruction feature retrieves waveforms from GWInstek’s digital oscilloscopes and uploads them to the arbitrary generator to achieve faithful captured waveform reproduction.  With the multi-functionality channels, the MFG-2000 series provides special dual channel waveforms for specific industrial needs, such as IQ modulation signals, low-frequency vibration simulation, automotive sensors, AM/FM broadcast signals, PWM motor or fan control signals, pulse synchronized signals, pulse noise, audio signal simulation, etc.

    Models in the MFG-2000 series provide useful frequency and amplitude sweeps such as linear/logarithmic, one-way (saw tooth)/two-way (triangle), and others for carrying out frequency response tests on circuits and components. The MFG-2200 series tracking function can produce 180 degree phase offset differential signals with same frequency and amplitude. The phase function allows users to freely set phase parameters for both channels on sine wave, cosine wave, and square wave signals. The sum modulation function can combine two signals into one and output this signal via one channel, such as adding a sine waveform and a noise signal to perform speaker distortion tests.

    The MFG-2000 series of function generators are ideal for scientific research, education, R&D, production, quality control, and many other applications for which a high quality signal source is needed.

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