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MQP Packet-Master USB-PDT_PDT-BT3 Power Delivery Compliance Tester

    MQP Packet-Master USB-PDT_PDT-BT3 Power Delivery Compliance Tester

    Manufacturer: MQP

    Price: $42,311.00


    Option - PDT-BT3 [Required]

    Please call for lead time.

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    The new MQP Packet-Master USB-PDT_PDT-BT3 is the world's first all-in-one comprehensive Power Delivery Compliance Tester for testing protocol, measuring signal quality, and power load testing. The USB-PDT_PDT-BT3 has been designed in conjunction with the USB-IF Power Delivery Compliance Plan. It is a complete compliance tester and development tool for the FSK and Baseband variants of USB Power Delivery, incorporating Analyzer, Exerciser, Compliance Tester, PD VBUS Generator, PD VBUS Load, VBUS Voltage and Current Monitor functions.  Analyzer capture start/stop is controllable from unit itself. The unit performs comprehensive Analysis, BMC and FSK Eye Diagram Compliance Tests, FSK Noise Spectrum Analysis and Compliance Tests.

    The base unit of the Packet-Master USB-PDT_PDT-BT3 has been designed to be adaptable to either the FSK or the BMC variants of the USB Power Delivery (PD) specification. It comes complete with GraphicUSB, an easy-use graphical Windows application for driving and reporting on the Compliance Tests and capturing and displaying every detail of power delivery interactions.  Power Delivery is a specification allowing USB to provide power in a more flexible and adaptable way. The FSK version uses two-way signaling superimposed on the existing VBUS wire in the USB cable. The BMC version uses two-way signaling on the CC wire of a USB C-cable. The Packet-Master USB-PDT_PDT-BT3 behaves as one end of a power delivery link. It can emulate the behavior of an initial Downstream Facing Port (DFP) or Upstream Facing Port (UFP) in controlled ways, and can confirm the responses of the connected Unit Under Test (UUT). It is also designed to perform all the required protocol and PHY Compliance Tests on Electronic Cable Markers. 

    In Exerciser mode, the USB-PDT_PDT-BT3 behaves as a Provider, Provider/Consumer, Consumer or Consumer/Provider, and the operation can be manually controlled to perform all usual PD operations, including Requests, Swaps, Hard Resets and BIST Mode Requests. Simultaneously, an Analyzer Capture may be performed to see how the UUT responds. The Analyzer functionality is always available, but an additional plug-in module is required to allow analysis of PD between two external PD devices.

    Virtually any non-compliance with the protocol, timings, signal quality, or power control will be revealed, and a detailed description of the problem displayed.  The USB-PDT_PDT-BT3 Tester is built around a 250MSa/s ADC and DAC, and is also capable of performing the PHY testing envisaged for the FSK variant of PD. 

    The Packet-Master USB-PDT_PDT-BT3’s plug-in module design has the following advantages for connecting test devices:

    • USB-PD connectors can be damaged by handling. If a connector becomes damaged, simply replace the plug-in module. 
    • Different connector styles are available for USB-PD use. Swapping plug-in modules provides the flexibility required.
    • It permits immediate switching between Baseband and FSK forms of PD, simply by using a different plug-in module.

    One important capability of the Tester is to run an Eye Diagram test as specified in the Compliance Plan.  The Tester will establish PD communication with the UUT, transmit a BIST Mode 2 request, and during the 30-60ms continuous transmission resulting, will capture samples of the waveform from the UUT.  The UUT may be a PD device or an electrically marked Type-C cable. The samples are plotted against the defined mask, with an indication of any places where the mask is intersected.  The other specification parameters (rise-time, fall-time, bitrate, and bitrate drift) are also calculated and displayed – and highlighted if out of specification. 

    The USB-PDT_PDT-BT3 is designed and made by Europe’s foremost USB experts MQP Electronics

    Report and Analysis Operation
    The Packet-Master USB-PDT_PDT-BT3 detects and displays the following in a simple-to-understand yet informative manner: 
    • Every PD message packet, including full detail of the pre-amble bits, SOP ordered set, header and data objects. Every bit field is analysed, described and any potential non-compliances are highlighted.
    • Test Pattern Frames are displayed and analysed to indicate whether they contain a valid PRBS test pattern.
    • Bit Stream and other continuous waveforms are displayed, with an analysis of their type.
    • The VBUS voltage and current are monitored and displayed, on a zoomable timeline which also shows the actual PD message packets. Discrepancies between voltage and current changes and the occurrence of related messages are clearly shown.

    In minimum display mode, the graphical display shows message sequence headers, allowing a quick overview summary of the significant PD events. These headers can be double-clicked to reveal every PD packet in that segment of the event display. 

    Plug-In Modules

    A special feature of the Packet-Master USB-PDT_PDT-BT3 is the plug-in module for the connections to the Units Under Test. This has the following advantages: 

    • Some of the USB-PD connectors are easily damaged by rough handling. If a connector becomes damaged, simply replace the plug-in module. On the C-Type Plug-in the Socket itself is a plugged-in user replacable item.
    • Various different connector styles are available for USB-PD use. Swappable plug-in modules provides the flexibility required.
    • It is a feature of USB-PD that extra connectors and adapters can result in voltage losses beyond that permitted for correct PD operation. For pure analyser purposes MQP recommends an analyser plug-in module with a captive PD cable. This has only two connectors, and therefore meets the required specification, while still providing non-intrusive PD message interpretation.
    • It permits immediate switching between Baseband and FSK forms of PD, simply by using a new plug-in module with theappropriate connections. (FSK subject to availability).


    The minimum requirements for the Packet-Master USB-PDA Host are as follows:

    • Pentium D - 2.66GHz or better.
    • PC with High Speed USB 2.0 port should be dedicated to the USB-PDA.
    • Windows XP (Service Pack 1 or better), Vista or Windows 7 or 8.
    • CD ROM / DVD Drive
    • 2GB RAM
    • 100MB space on Hard Disk 

    The USB-PDT_PDT-BT3 requires one add-on module.  Currently the PDT-BT3 with a C connector is the only one available.

    PDT-BT3 Plug-in Module Resources 

    • USB C-Type for UUT (user replaceable)
    • USB B-Type (auxilliary)
    • SMA VBUS External Scope Connection
    • SMA CC1 External Scope Connection
    • SMA CC2 External Scope Connection
    • Calibration Connector
    • Plug-in Active
    • VBUS at vSafe5V / VBUS at elevated voltage
    • Rp applied
    • Rd applied
    • CC1 data/VCONN
    • CC2 data/VCONN


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