The ABI LinearMaster Compact Professional is an economical, compact out-of-circuit analog IC tester. The LinearMaster ihas been designed for testing analog ICs with up to 16 pins through a ZIF socket (see ChipMaster for digital devices) but a range of adapters is available for SOIC and PLCC devices.
The LinearMaster includes: a search facility for working with unknown ICs, loop modes for finding intermittent failures, diagnostic information for individual pins, and self-diagnosis for maintaining product integrity. 
The unit is battery operated (4x AA/LR6) but an optional battery eliminator is available for benchtop use.
The LinearMaster Compact Professional has a USB interface for connection with a PC and for use with ABI's optional software CompactLink.
CompactLink is a PC based software package that allows users to add new devices to the library and create functional tests to suit special applications. Please click here for more information.