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    Sword Inc.

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Sword Logo

Sword Inc. is a service-disabled, retired veteran-owned and operated business with DIS clearance that specializes in the development and fabrication of electromagnetic warfare and cyberspace-secure, man-portable deployed counter-measure systems. Their custom design and fabrication techniques produce custom enclosures using electromagnetic shielding woven textiles and composites for E3 (Electromagnetic Environmental Effects), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Chemical Biological Containment (CBC), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance (HERO), Reliability/Availability/Maintainability (RAM), High Power Microwave (HPM) and pre-compliance testing requirements.

Their portable RF shielded enclosures provide superior RF shielding in fabric-based structures which attenuate RF signal emanations from electronic equipment, eliminating electronic eavesdropping possibilities with shielding effectiveness to 100 dB. Their extremely portable (one-man operation) enclosures feature expandable aluminum or air-inflated supports, set up in as little as ten minutes. With each enclosure being custom-made, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, power and signal entry panels can be configured to suit individual needs. Durable ballistic cloth bags are provided for transport and storage, or hardened cases for secure shipping. 

Please contact quotes for more information.

Simple Cost-Effective Counter-Measures To Negate Cyber Security Threats
A Range Of Soft and Hard Enclosures and Shelters, Blankets, Pouches, Cases and Protective Clothing
Sword Image 2EMI/RFI Portable Signal Security Shelters  
Custom-made portable RF-shielded enclosures which provide superior RF shielding in a fabric-based structure which reduces the strength of the RF signal emanations from computers and communications equipment, eliminating the electronic eavesdropping opportunities. One-person set-up takes ten to twelve minutes. Operational space for C3 (Command, Control and Communications) or COOP (Corporate Continuity of Operations) tasks. Supporting lighting, heating, cooling or HVAC systems as well as rugged power systems available for worldwide use. Power and signal panels configured to customer requirements. Six-sided structure, optional foyer arrangement.
EMI/RFI Airframe Signal Security Shelters   
Lightweight, portable fabric shelters using quick-erect inflatable frames to provide fast and easy access to a shielded environment where computers and other communications equipment can be operated without the threat of electronic eavesdropping. Suitable for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), or Chemical Biological Containment (CBC), they are configured to rapidly deploy and provide an instant and uncomplicated state-of-the-art environment. Tested to meet the highest standards of quality and endurance, this instant EMI/RFI protection method prevents intercept and analysis of electromagnetic radiation to unauthorized persons seeking valuable information derived from compromising emanations from electronic equipment, automated information systems, and telecommunications systems.  Usable in shipboard environments as well as on land or inside buildings, these quick-inflate enclosures provide the vital security needed for sensitive electronic equipment.  
NEW - EMI/RFI 'Pop-Up' Lightweight Signal Security Shelter   
1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m 'Pop-up' signal security shelter. Work with electronic devices secure in the knowledge that unwanted listeners cannot eavesdrop. Takes one person less than 30 seconds to deploy. Folds into a bag 1m x 0.2m and weighs 5 kg (weight may vary slightly dependent on the selected bulkhead communications portal). Ideal for the user on the move, whether from hotel-to-hotel or changing field locations.
EMI / RFI Forensic Hard Cases  
These portable, simple-to-use cases can be used to assist with evidence collection – eliminates the possibility of data being erased while in transport to the forensic lab. The inner cases can be conformed to customer’s requirements...  
EMI/RFI Composite Mobile Shelter    
A hard-wall shielded building system made from fast assembly 2.4m x 1.2m panels that clip together. Ballistic and thermal signature protection can also be built-in if required. Doors and windows, as well emergency escape hatches, can be incorporated in the design. Air-portable, these buildings are compatible with the Defencell and MAC Gabion Protection systems.  
EMI/RFI Signal Security Pouches  
A complete range of fabric pouches which offer excellent screening properties to isolate all types of common-use devices (mobile phones, smart phones, tablets and computers). Negate the risk of remote eavesdropping, and infection by RF-borne threats. Specific versions available for forensic applications as well.
EMI/RFI Personal Protection Suit   
Two-piece full covering shielded body suit for personnel working in high EM environments. Protects against  tissue heating, stimulation of nerves, muscles or sensory organs as well as indirect bio-physical effects such as interference with cardiac pacemakers.
Sword Tent
RF Blankets / IED Blankets / EMI Walls / EMI Pouch-hoods 
A range of RF screened blankets is available in the standard sizes (3' x3', 6' x 6', 10' x 10', 13' x 13') but other sizes are available upon request. They are supplied with weighted seams, in durable Cordura carrying bags and can control 10 MHz to 18 GHz emissions by more than 90 dB. These can be used in applications such as:  
  1. Minimizing collateral damage: IED Blankets can be deployed via explosive ordinance disposal robot to impede remote detonation in high collateral areas. The RF shielded IED Blanket may be combined with Kevlar to enhance ballistic performance.
  2. Quick shielding for static and mobile operations Shielded wall and window curtains can be designed to provide instant EMI shielding.  Grommets are installed at the top and ground straps are attached at the sides and bottom.  A lightweight layer of non-conductive material is added to protect the shielding material from finger oils over time.  These curtains can be made in virtually any size.  Additional uses include RF shielding of entire rooms, partitioned areas and windows. When three sides of the blankets are sealed and designed as large “pouches”, they can be usefully employed to silence cellphone antennas for determining individual antenna frequencies.
SWORD EMI-RFI Shielded Pouches
SWORD EMI-RFI Shielded Pouches
From $14.93
EMI-RFI Collection Bag (DP-01)
EMI-RFI Collection Bag (DP-01)
Price: $135.82
EMI-RFI Electronic Forensic Kit (FEFK01)
EMI-RFI Electronic Forensic Kit (FEFK01)
Price: $151.74
SWORD RF Blankets
SWORD RF Blankets
From $295.68
EMI-RFI Shielded Portable Enclosure
EMI-RFI Shielded Portable Enclosure
From $10,250.21
Large EMI-RFI Collection Bag (DDB-04)
Large EMI-RFI Collection Bag (DDB-04)
Price: $265.81
EMI-RFI Flight Bag (FB-E-02)
EMI-RFI Flight Bag (FB-E-02)
Price: $262.67
EMI-RFI Flight Bag (FB-E-03)
EMI-RFI Flight Bag (FB-E-03)
Price: $344.00
10' RF-Shielded Curtain w/Rolling Track Suspension (ETC-10)
10' RF-Shielded Curtain w/Rolling Track Suspension
Price: $2,389.33
10' x 10' RF-Shielded Pre-Compliance Test Enclosure (BPCE-1)
10' x 10' RF-Shielded Pre-Compliance Test Enclosur
Price: $18,756.22
Foyer Option for EMIE Enclosures (5X5EMIE-Option)
Foyer Option for EMIE Enclosures (5X5EMIE-Option)
Price: $5,674.65
7' X7' EMI-RFI Shielded Airframe Enclosure (SS-0707-10-EMI)
7' X7' EMI-RFI Shielded Airframe Enclosure (SS-070
From $26,371.30
15'W X 20'L X 10'H Shielded Airframe Enclosure
15'W X 20'L X 10'H Shielded Airframe Enclosure
From 80,292.24

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