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Saelig News Releases


DPG10 Power Choke Testers For Measurements Up To 4kA/7.7kJ
M240 Rugged Handheld Data PC
SATO1004 100MHz Battery-Powered Automotive Oscilloscope
EM211T Miniature Temperature-Compensated Oscillators
STO2000C STO2000C 200/300MHz Battery-Powered Portable Oscilloscopes
Industrial PCs High Performance Power-Efficient Amplicon Industrial Panel PCs
STO1004 100MHz Battery-Portable Oscilloscope
EG-JF Range of High Frequency Ultra-Low Jitter Voltage-Controlled Oscillators
SDS2000X HD 350MHz 12-bit Hi-Resolution 4-Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope Series
XORAYA Z7 Versatile X2E XORAYA Z7 Automotive Data Logger Captures Multiple Data Streams Simultaneously
SHS-X SHS-X Handheld Two-channel 100/200MHz Digital Oscilloscopes
PSA Series 3 Improved Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers
ISOVP Novel Saker-MV ISOVP Isolated Voltage Probe
OhmRanger Affordable Low Compliance Voltage OR-01 OhmRanger-LCV™ Ohmmeter
Repair Don't Waste ABI Website To Promote ‘PCB Repair Not E-Waste’
SDG7000A Siglent SDG7000A 1GHz Advanced Arbitrary Waveform Generator Series
ThunderSync3-C10 Universal Thunderbolt 10 Port USB-C Charge/Sync Hub
DS70000 DS70000 Five-In-One 3/5GHz 4-Ch High-End Oscilloscope Series
HSA1000 HSA1000 Series 3.6GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
TAO3000 TAO3000 Series Tablet Oscilloscopes
MSR86 Data Logger For Monitoring Cold Chains Down To -100degC
SGX1000 SGX1000 18GHz RF Signal Generator Series
Automotove Ethernet Converter X2E Automotive Ethernet Converter
FASTHub FASTHub to Deliver Enhanced Retail Customer Experience for Stores, Auto Dealers and Customer Service Areas
N4000 Versatile X2E XORAYA N4000 Automotive Data Logger
ML-N4000 Versatile X2E XORAYA ML-N4000 Automotive Data Logger
X2E Embedded System Design Saelig Announces New Distribution Agreement with X2E High-Performance Automotive Dataloggers For North America
Tuning Coils/Inductors Obsolete and Hard-To-Find Tuning Coils and Inductors Are Now Available from Euroquartz
NanoRanger® NR-01 3.5 Digit DC Nanoammeter
SDS6000A Siglent SDS6000A 2GHz Digital Oscilloscope Series
H1000A thinkRF H1000A High Power 715MHz to 2.7GHz Ruggedized RF Amplifier
BoardMaster ABI BoardMaster Component Compliance Test Solution
18EQHM32 Euroquartz 18EQHM32 Spread Spectrum Oscillators For Reducing EMI Emissions
SNA5000A Siglent 2- and 4-Port 4.5/8.5GHz Vector Network Analyzers
J0SSAP52 Compact SAF Tehnika 6-20GHz Spectrum Analyzer
SAF Signal Generators SAF Tehnika Spectrum Compact SG 6GHz – 40GHz RF Signal Generators
M1 Silicon Compatibility M1 Silicon Compatibility For All Cambrionix Charge/Sync Products
SAF Tehnika Saelig Announces New Distribution Agreement With SAF Tehnika
Faraday Bags Disklabs Faraday Bags In Sizes From Cellphone to Rackmount
SynthHD Mini Ultra-Compact SynthHD Mini 15GHz Microwave Signal Generator
Disklabs Saelig Announces New Distribution Agreement For Disklabs Faraday Bags
PS6000E PicoScope 6000E 4-Channel 750MHz/1GHz Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes
COM3010 Ramsey COM3010 100kHz to 1.0GHz Communications Tester
A10200-DST Compact 20GHz Wideband Signal Amplifier
DS8000-R Rigol DS8000-R Series Rackmount 2GHz Oscilloscope Series
QPX750SP Versatile AIM-TTi PowerFlex+ 750W DC Laboratory Power Supply
PicoScope 9402 PicoScope 2-Channel 5 and 16GHz Sampler-Extended Real-Time Oscilloscopes
SGR510/520 New Torque Sensors With Non-Contact Technology
MSR175plus MSR175plus Transportation Data Logger With GPS, Shock and Climate Recording
JRE TVK Isolation Tester for Shielded Enclosures
SynthUSB3 Compact SynthUSB3 6.4GHz Microwave Signal Generator
T3EL15030xP Programmable DC Electronic Loads With Wide-Ranging Test Capabilities
T3AWG3252 Multifunctional 16-bit Arbitrary/Function Generator With Innovative Architecture and Digital Pattern Generation
Smart Badge Multimode Geolocating Abeeway Smart Badge
PS4000A PicoScope PS4000A Series of High Resolution 2/4/8 Channel 20MHz Oscilloscopes
MacroEVTest Portable MacroEVTest Tester For Electric Vehicle Charging
SDS1104X-U Economy 4-Channel 100MHz Siglent SDS1104X-U "Super Phosphor" Oscilloscope
SVA1075X Economical SVA1075X 7.5GHz Spectrum / Vector Network Analyzer
PicoScope 4425A EV Kit PicoScope Electric Vehicle Test Kit With Smart Accessory Interfaces
EMC Troubleshooting Kit “Create Your Own EMC Troubleshooting Kit: Essential Tools for EMC Troubleshooting” Book by Ken Wyatt
Impact-E 280DIO Rugged Fanless 8th/9th Gen iCore Amplicon Impact-E 280DIO Controllers
DSG3000B Rigol DSG3000B Series 6.5/13.6GHz RF Signal Generators
TBRFH1 Prototype Shielded Housings For RF Circuits With Built-in RF Connectors
T3DSO2000A Advanced 500MHz Oscilloscopes
ChargeBox FAST6 Reliable, Standalone Mobile Device Charging Station for Commercial Sites
T3AWG2152 Multifunctional 16-bit Arbitrary/Function Generators With Innovative Architecture and Pattern Generation
TBL5016-2 Economical 240V/16A Line Impedance Stabilization Network For Pre-compliance Testing
PicoVNA 108 Small, Lightweight, Low Cost VNA With Full Functionality to 8.5GHz
LSxxx1B LSxxx1B 3/6/12GHz Advanced Touch-Control Benchtop RF Generator
EQXO-75UIE EQXO-75UIE Extended Industrial Temperature Ruggedized High-Reliability Oscillator
PF08H1 Facial Temperature Screening Kiosk
RTP5008 Boonton 8GHz USB-connected Wi-Fi 6-ready RF Power Sensor
CPi-A150WR Larger ComfilePi Industrial Raspberry Pi Controller
RSA3000N/5000N Rigol RSA3000N/5000N Real Time Spectrum Analyzers with Vector Network Analysis
LMD-401 LMD-401 Radio Transceiver Module for Industrial Applications
D4000 D4000 40GHz RF Downconverter From Saelig Extends Spectrum Analyzer Use
ModIT Cambrionix ‘ModIT’ Modular USB Phone Charging Station
ThunderSync3-16 ThunderSync3-16 Universal USB Thunderbolt 16 PortHub
GLC-9000 GWInstek GLC-9000 Leakage Current Tester
PMX40 Boonton PMX40 40GHz RF Power Meter for USB-connected RF Power Sensors
C-1200 GWInstek C-1200 Multi-Channel LoRa Tester
RF Test Drive RF Drive Test Kit to Capture Multiple Wireless Bands In Mobile Wireless Testing
Tabletop Enclosure Quick-Setup -100dB Attenuation RF/EMI Tabletop Enclosures
PS6000E PicoScope 6000E 4-Channel 500MHz Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes
KeyWarrior28 Versatile KeyWarrior Programmable USB Keyboard Controller Module
SSG5000X SSG5000X Series 6GHz RF Analog/Vector Signal Generators
Impact-P Ultra-Compact New Amplicon DINrail PC
STE3000FAV2 Improved STE3000FAV2 Patented Forensic RF Test Enclosure
AARTOS DDS Aaronia AARTOS Drone/UAV Detection System
PS4425A PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscopes With Smart Accessory Interfaces
SSA300X-R Economical SSA3075X-R 7.5GHz Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
STO1000E 150MHz Battery-Powered Portable Oscilloscopes
CPD-RX-07M Compact, Multi-channel CDP-07M UHF Narrow-Band Industrial Transmitter/Receiver Pair
Asset Trackers Abeeway Multiple Technology Location Tracking Sensors
226B Fotric 226B Thermal Camera For Automated, Non-Contact Personnel Temperature Screening
SSA3075X Economical SSA3075X Plus 7.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
ORT230/240 TorqSense ORT 230/240 Low Torque Sensor With 50kHz Bandwidth
Bug Finder Handheld Aaronia Bug Finder RF Monitoring Device
PS6000E PicoScope 6000E 8-Channel 500MHz Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes
9103 RBD 9103 USB Graphing Picoammeter
RTP5000 Boonton 40GHz USB-connected RF Power Sensors
TGR20xx Series Next Generation Aim-TTi 1.5/3GHz RF Signal Generators
NHT 3DL Microrad NHT 3DL Electromagnetic Field Safety Analyzer
Impact-D 100AL Fast Graphics and Media Processing in New Amplicon DINrail PC
ST-5S ST-5S Smart Tweezers™ for On-board L/C/R Measurements and PCB Testing
PicoScope 9404-16 PicoScope 4-Channel 16GHz Sampler-Extended Real-Time Oscilloscopes
SDS2000X Plus 2/4-Channel 100-350MHz Siglent SDS2000X Plus Series Oscilloscopes
MX100Q MX100Q Series Compact 4-Channel 210W Power Supplies
System 8 PPS Versatile 120W Triple Output Programmable Power Supply for Automated Test Applications
WaveSurfer 4000HD WaveSurfer 4000HD High Performance 4-channel 12-bit Oscilloscopes
DS1202Z-E Rigol's DS1202Z-E 200MHz Oscilloscope added to Popular DS1000Z Series
DG2000 Dual-Channel Rigol DG2000 Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators
Heli-Nav Smart Helicopter Load Sensor
VSG2G5C Compact VSG2G5C USB 2.5GHz RF Vector Signal Generator
LC-IRP01 QianLi LC-IRP01 Thermal/Visible Microscope For PCB Repair
MSO8000 Rigol MSO8000 2GHz 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope Series
Fotric 326 High Thermal Resolution, High Frame Rate, Low CostThermal Inspection Camera
Picoscope 4823 PicoScope 4823 8-Channel Automotive Oscilloscope
MSR145W2D MSR145W2D WiFi Data Logger with Flex-Connector Allows For Wide Sensor Choice
T3RC Probes T3RC Rogowski Coil Current Probes For A.C. or Fast Pulse Current Measurements
PCBite System PCBite System For Precise PCB Probing
SAE106S Digital PCB Microscope
JoC Reference Board Java-on-a-Chip For Fast Controller Development
SDL1000X Economical Versatile Siglent SDL1000X/X-E Series Programmable DC Loads
PQ3198 Hioki PQ3198 Power Quality Analyzer For Easy Investigations of Power Characteristics and Problems
EME32T Series Euroquartz Miniature SMD Temperature-compensated Crystal Oscillators For Real-time Clock Applications
R5x50 R5x50 Real-Time 8/18/27GHz Spectrum Analyzers
PicoScope 9404-05 PicoScope 4 Channel 5GHz Sampler-Extended Real Time Oscilloscope
OC51T Euroquartz Surface-mount Miniature Highly Stable Oscillators
CM4141/CM4142 Clamp Meters For AC Currents Up To 2000A
XFR V5 PRO Ruggedized Spectran XFR V5 PRO Realtime Spectrum Analyzer
R5500 R5500 Real-Time 8/18/27GHz Spectrum Analyzers
D2030 D2030 5G RF Downconverter to Extend the Range of Existing Spectrum Analyzers
SDS5000x Economical Siglent SDS5000X 350MHz-1GHz Oscilloscopes
TGF4000 TGF4000 Series 14/16-Bit Advanced Arbitrary Signal Generators With Outputs to 240MHz
VSG6G1C Compact VSG6G1C USB 6GHz RF Vector Signal Generator
SP2 Series Innovative IkaLogic SP2 Logic Analyzers
GL Spectis 1.0 Flicker Flicker Spectrometer To Quantify Light Flicker Measurements
SDS2000X-E Economical Siglent SDS2000X-E 200/350MHz Oscilloscopes
ADQ-USB 3.0-ISO USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Isolator For Electrical Isolation of USB Ports
HT Mercury Professional Multimeter With Built-in Infrared Camera
CS448 Improved Isolated High Voltage 4-Ch 200MHz Oscilloscope
Test Tools T3 Economical Teledyne Test Tools (T3) Range of Test Equipment
RMS-06x0 RMS-06x0 For Radiated Power Measurements Without An Anechoic Chamber
SSG3000X Economical Siglent SSG3000X 2.1GHz/3.2GHz RF Signal Generators
Sodera LE Teledyne LeCroy Sodera LE Bluetooth Protocol and Power Analyzer
PicoSource AS108 PicoSource AS108 8GHz RF Signal Generator
TBMDA3 TBMDA4 Modulated RF Power Amplifiers For EMC Pre-compliance Testing
Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Janz Tec Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Embedded and Panel Computers
DG800/DG900 New Rigol DG800/900 16-bit AWGs with Advanced Features
AFV-P Series AFV-P Series Programmable AC Power Supplies
Preen Announcement Saelig Appointed As Distributor For Preen Programmable AC and DC Power Sources
Model 865 BNC Model 865 40GHz Microwave Signal Generator Range
BoardMaster-RM ABI BoardMaster-RM Universal PCB Test Solution
JW56FR1-WP Waterproof 6-axis Acceleration and Angular Rate Sensor
Mercury T2P T2C Teledyne LeCroy Mercury T2C/T2P USB2.0 Protocol and Power Analyzers
SVA1015X Economical SVA1015X 1.5GHz Spectrum & Vector Network Analyzer
LUCID Series Tabor Feature-Rich Compact 3/6/12GHz RF Analog Signal Generators
DS/MSO7000 Rigol 7000 Series 100/500MHz 10GSa/s Oscilloscopes
TBMDAx Economical Modulated RF Power Amplifiers For Pre-compliance Testing
SPD1168X Economical Programmable 128W Power Supply With 1mV/1mA Precision
SLR-434M LoRa/FSK Smart Modem Transceiver
STD-302Z UHF Narrow Band Multi-Channel Transceiver
KwikDraw A KwikDraw-A Consoles With Multiscreen Choices
Model 765 Berkeley Nucleonics 765 Fast Rise Time Pulse Generator
HVD3000A Teledyne LeCroy HVD3000A Series 1-6kV High-Voltage Differential Probes
WaveSurfer 3000z Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3000z 4-channel 1GHz Oscilloscope Range
Fotric 123 Cloud-based Professional Thermal Cameras For Pre-Fire Detection
Fotric 220 Economical Smartphone-based Professional Thermal Cameras
QuikXO HC_JF New Crystal Oscillators With Four Switchable Frequencies and Low Jitter
Saturn802 Sol Chip Saturn802 Solar Energy Harvester ICs
quantumdata 280 Teledyne LeCroy's quantumdata 280 HDTV A/V Test Set
RSA5000 RSA5000 3.2/6.5GHz Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers
VSA6G2A Compact 6GHz USB RF Vector Spectrum Analyzer
TBST120 Economical EMI Test Enclosures For Benchtop Precompliance Tests
MSR147WD MSR Bluetooth Mini Datalogger for Ambient and Clothing Research
System 8 MMS Multiplexed Matrix Switch and SmartSwitch for PCB Tester
SDS1000X-E Economical 4-Ch 100/200MHz SDS1000X-E "Super Phosphor" Oscilloscopes
PicoScope 9300 Extended PicoScope 9300 Sampling Oscilloscope Range
SDG6000X New Economical 500MHz Dual-Channel AWGs From Siglent
PQ117 Pico Technology Engine and Hydraulics Kit
Spectran V5 Spectran V5 20GHz Realtime Spectrum Analyzer
RF-ResQ Invisible Waves RF-ResQ Antenna Signal Processor From Saelig Expands Usable RF Spectrum
EMCView PC Software For EMC Pre-compliance Testing
SAM40 24-Bit Data Acquisition for HDO Oscilloscopes
GPM-8213 GW Instek GPM-8213 AC Power Meter
IkaScope WS200 Wireless 30MHz Scope-In-A-Probe
PT04-FC 3kW Electronic Load For Testing Fuel Cells
RTSA7550 RTSA7550 Real-Time 27GHz Spectrum Analyzers
MDO-2000E All-In-One MDO-2000E Oscilloscope Series With Multiple Built-In Instruments
CPi-A070WR / CPi-A102WR Industrial Raspberry Pi Controller ComfilePi
PSU-HV High Voltage High Efficiency 1500W Single-Channel Programmable DC Supplies
Sol Chip Pak (SCP-R2801) Sol Chip Solar Power Modules
SCC-Kit Sol Chip Autonomous, Solar-Powered Sensor Station
PicoVNA 106 PicoVNA 106 Low-Cost Vector Network Analyzer
TBCGx TekBox TBCGx Comb Generators For EMC testing
CS448 Isolated High Voltage 4-Ch 200MHz Oscilloscope
IO-Warrior56Kit 2 Improved Universal USB I/O Controller
SFMTA Chooses ABI San Francisco Municipal Metro Chooses ABI’s Electronic Repair Systems From Saelig
Mercury™ T2C Mercury™ T2C USB 2.0 & Power Delivery Protocol Analyzer With Type-C Connection
DL3000 New Programmable DC Loads From Rigol
WaveSurfer 510 Teledyne LeCroy's WaveSurfer 510 4-Channel 1GHz 10GSa/s 32Mpt Touchscreen Oscilloscope
BPA Protocol Analyzer BPA low energy Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer from Teledyne LeCroy
HF-80200 Spectran HF-80200 V5 RSA 20GHz Realtime Spectrum Analyzer
PicoScope 9300 PicoScope 9300 Sampling Oscilloscopes With 25GHz Bandwidth
SDM3065X New Economical 6½ Digit Benchtop Multimeter
SDS1202X-E Saelig Intros Economical 200MHz SDS1202X-E “Super Phosphor” Oscilloscope
PicoScope 4444 Oscilloscope Offers 4-ch Channel High Resolution Oscilloscope With Differential Inputs
ThunderSync 16 ThunderSync16 Universal USB Thunderbolt 16 Port Hub 
MFG-2000 GW Instek’s New MFG-2000 Multi-channel RF Function Generators
emPC-A/RPI3 Improved Raspberry Pi-based Fanless CANbus Controller
P4535 New Ultra-Low Jitter Oscillators
HVFO103 Advanced Fiber-optically Isolated Oscilloscope Probe For Floating Signals
GPS Logger Introduces GPS-Logger With Gyro/Tilt/Compass and Accelerometer
1908/1908P 5½ Digit High Performance Bench/Portable Multimeters
EQXO-2000BM New 4-Pin Mil-Spec High Reliability Crystal Oscillators
ORT 230/240 Optical Rotary Torque Sensors Suitable for Low Torque and High Bandwidth Measurements
WLS Wireless LoadSense 2.4GHz WLS Load Sensor Transmits 1-25 Ton Weight Data In Real Time Wirelessly
System 8 ABI System 8 Universal PCB Test Solution
PicoConnect 900 Economical 9GHz Microwave/Gigabit Passive Test Probes
USB to RS232/485 Isolated USB to RS232/485 Converter Cables With World-Unique Device IDs
LoRaWAN ARF8124AA Adeunis LoRaWAN Field Test Device
SynthHD PRO Versatile Dual Channel 13.6GHz Microwave Signal Generator
PSU-Series Single-Channel Programmable DC Supplies with Multiple Features 
Drone Detection System Aaronia Drone Detection System (ADDS) Discovers Unwanted UAV Incursions
SIG-101 5-in-1 PC-Hosted Test Scope with Signature Analysis
Teledyne LeCroy Saelig Announces Distribution of Frontline and Quantum Data Products
SDG1000X New Economical High Performance 30/60MHz DDS Signal Generators
TGP3100 Versatile 1-Ch & 2-Ch 25/50MHz True Pulse Generators
TEA6000-95 TEA6000-95 0.1 to 6GHz Digital Attenuator
SDM3045X New Economical 4 1/2 Digit Multimeter
DSA832E 3.2GHz Sprectrum Analzers from Rigol
PicoScope Foam Trays PicoScope Automobile Diagnostic Kits in Foam Trays to Fit Tool Chests
EQXO-x000BMK Mil-Spec High Reliability Crystal Oscillators
emPC-CXR Compact Embedded Controller for Harsh Environments
U16S Novel Universal USB Charging Board Providing 16 Intelligent USB Ports
Model 9260 High Current, High Power 45MHz Differential/Dual-Channel Signal Amplifier
EtherSync Novel Networked USB Charge and Sync Device
Cambrionix New Distribution Agreement with Cambrionix Ltd.
RFP Smart Fieldmeter® Kits Novel RFP Smart Fieldmeter® Kits
EL-CC-1 Cold Chain Data Logging Solutions
Exostiv Labs New Distribution Agreement with Exostiv Labs
LED-Warrior09 Two LED-Warrior DALI Master Modules
PIE 525B High Accuracy, High Resolution Thermal Calibrator
AG051/AG051F Economical 5MHz AWG Signal Generators
GL OptiLight LED 127 CLC Digital Camera Calibration Using OptiLight LED 127 CLC Programmable LED Light Source
LED-Warrior11-MOD Economical DALI Power Supplies
NVH Kit Automobile Noise and Vibration Diagnostic Tool
USB-PDT All-in-One USB Power Delivery Compliance Tester
SDS2000X Innovative "Super Phosphor" Oscilloscopes From Saelig
VSGxG1 VSG2G1/VSG6G1 2GHz/6GHz RF Vector Signal Generators
PG900 PicoSource PG900 Series Differential Pulse Generators
PIE 850 8-in-1 Multifunction Portable Loop Calibrator
MX180T Versatile 375W Triple Output Power Supply With Eight Ranges
PIE 541 Frequency Calibrator with Totalizer
DSG800 Economical 3GHz RF Signal Generator Series
LCR-6000 LCR-6000 Series Versatile LCR Meters
vSound vSound Violin Digital Processor
LINbus I/O LINbus I/O Module
VUB300 USB-to-SDIO Host IC Brings microSD-compatibility to USB Ports
STE3000FAV2 Patented Forensic RF Test Enclosure
Model 577 Multichannel Digital Delay/Pulse Generator With 250ps Resolution
THT45 High Specification THT45 Thermal Imager
TBLC08 Economical Line Impedance Stabilization Network For Pre-compliance Testing
emPC-A/RPI Raspberry Pi-based Fanless CANbus Controller
Impact-D 100 Impact-D 100 High-Specification DINrail PC
MixNV Programmable Actiiv 30MHz to 5GHz RF Mixer / RF Signal Generator
MIS4 Multiple Instrument System MIS4 Universale Test System
SynthNV Economical 34.4MHz-4.4GHz RF Signal Generator Plus RF Power Detector
Impact-R 1100F High-performance Embedded PCs OfferStrict Revision Control and 5-year Road Map
TDDS100-48 Tiny TDDS100-48 Direct Digital Synthesized 1Hz - 100MHz Signal Generator
G326 Untraminiature VCXO Oscillators with Superior Phase Noise Performance
SynthHD Versatile Dual Channel 13.6GHz Microwave Signal Generator
B35T Economical B35T Multimeter with Bluetooth Connectivity
STD-503 DSSS 2.4GHz Low Power Radio Transceiver
RKE Key Fob RKE Key Fob Pouches Protect Remote Keyless Entry Keyfobs From Activation
CP030 & CP031 Current Probes Offer Accurate Measurements to 1 mA/div
OptiLight LED 127 CLC Stable LED Reference Luminance Standard
HDK Series Microminiature LVDS Oscillators With Low Integrated Phase Jitter
RTSA7500 RTSA7500 Real-Time 8/18/27 GHz Spectrum Analyzers
Teledyne LeCroy Saelig Announces New Distribution Agreement with Teledyne LeCroy
GELL-LOW Anti-shock Components Isolate Vibration; Double As Emergency Food Sourc
BENCH Power Supply Economical High Power Programmable 600W Power Supplies
SDG805 New Economical 5MHz Sweep Signal Generator
10x Series Picoammeter New Picoammeters Include Bias Sources
Spectran RF View World's First RF/EMC Camera System
Select-A-Shield Tent Test Enclosures From Saelig Offer -98.9 db Shielding
EMC Probe Kit Pre-compliance EMC Probe Kits
XON91 and XON53 New Surface-mount Oscillators Offering Wide Operating Temperture Range
EMI-Shielded RF Pouches EMI-Shielded RF Pouches and Cases Protect Electronic Device From Activity
APSIN26G APSIN26G 26GHz RF Signal Generator
Select-A-Shield Tent Test Enclosure Offer -98.9 dB Shielding
LED-Warrior04 Four-Channel Intelligent LED Controllers
PCS-1000 High-Precision DC /AC Current Shunt Meter w/Simultaneous Current/Voltage Display
GDS-200/300 GDS-200 and GDS-300 Compact/Portable Digital Oscilloscopes
GL Spectis 6.0 Programmable Laboratory Precision UV/VIS/IR Spectrophotometer
OptiLight LED 127 Self-Calibrating LED Reference Luminance Standard
LD400 Compact Electronic DC Load with Optional Remote Control Capabilities
MX100T Triple Power Output Supply with Twelve Ranges
LOG Storm 'LOG Storm' High-speed Digital Data Logger
SOCOM Lightweight, Lower Cost EMI Shelters
TNP6Gx Economical Near-Field EMC Probe Set
Select-A-Shield Lightweight, Collapsible, High Attenuation RF Shields
EL-EnvironPad-TC EL-EnviroPad-TC Thermocouple Logger
PL2303RA All-In-One USB-Serial Controller
Clipper CLP1500V15A1 Device for Safety Measuring High Voltage Power Transistors with Oscilloscopes
LED-Warrior07 DALI to PWM DALI to PWM LED Controllers
TSA Range Range of USB Mini Spectrum Analyzers
DS1054Z New Economical 50MHz 4-Channel Oscilloscope
USB-PDA / USB-PDA-E Packet-Master 'USB-Power Delivery' Testers
DSA800 New Spectrum Analyzers up to 7.5 GHz from Rigol
RF-Vue T10 Handheld Touch-Tablet RF Analyzer Suits Wireless Audio Professionals
RDS1021 25MHz Digital Oscilloscope-In-A-Probe
EasyLoader PC-less EasyLoader In-Circuit Programmer/Loader
PSA 5 Series 6GHz Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers
DR1001 Economical Telepresence Robot
eRA400TRS LPRS Advanced Wireless Modules Chosen for Real-time Railcar Bearing Monitoring
TG5012A Versatile 2-Ch 50MHz DDS Function Generator
CTR-101 Curve Tracer PC-hosted Affordable Curve Tracer
TDS7104 100MHz Touch-screen Digital Oscilloscope With Deep Memory
SFP1215W Lightweight Forensic EMI Pouch with USB2.0 Port for Field Investigations
MSO2000A/MSO1000Z New MSO Oscilloscopes
TEP20004 / TEP4000-5 Digital Phase Shifter USB RF Modules for Economical Configurable RF Test Measurements
VMA Arduino Shields VMA Arduino Shields With a Variety of Functions
PEL-3000 High-Speed, High Capacity Single Channel Programmable DE Electronic Load
CS328A-FRA Economical Network Analyzer
M300 Data Acquisition and Datalogging System
DSG3000 Series Economical 3GHz/6GHz RF Signal Generator Series
PLW138003 GaN-on-Silicon MAGIC dotLEDs
18HM New Low-EMI 1.8V Oscillators For Low Cost EMI Reduction
AirBeam Enclosures Air-Inflated EMI Shelters
GK-7000 Economical 7" WinCE 6.0 500MHz Touch Panel PC
WOM/BLED/4:33 New Triple-Function IC
VDS3104 Economical Compact Four-Channel 100MHz USB/LAN Oscilloscope
KDMON Programmable Industrial System Monitor
IST8303 Economical Three-Dimension Magnetometer Sensor with Magnetic Interference Immunity
SDS2000 Series Innovative "Super Phosphor" Oscilloscopes
PicoScope 6 For Linux Linux-based Software Turns PCs Into Oscilloscopes
PS4824 New Compact 8-Ch USB Oscilloscope
DS2000A New Rigol DS2000A Oscilloscopes
IST8301C Three-Dimension Magnetometer Sensor
OnBoard SMD 2400 Low Cost SMD Antennas
OptiGauge MLS Precision Multi-layer Thickness Measurement System
STD-502-R DSSS 2.4GHz Low Power Radio Transceiver
Circuit Design Saelig Announces Distribution Agreement with Circuit Design Inc.
GL OptiLight LED 127 LED Reference Luminance Standard
PS2200A Series New Compact USB Oscilloscopes
GL Spectis 5.0 Touch Lab-grade Precision Portable Spectrometer for 200 - 1050nm Light
TimingDesigner TimingDesigner Timing Analysis Software Tool
PSB-2000 Series Economical Flexible 400W/800W Power Supplies
RF-id SOLO Wireless Transmission Checker
GDM-8261A High Performance 6 1/2 Digit DMM
MakerBot Digitizer MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner
RSGGO10T3G GPS-Guided TCXO Oscillator With or Without Built-in GPS Receiver
AG4151 Economical 150MHz AWG Signal Generator
2013 Ethie Award Saelig Wins 2013 Ethie Award
W5500 Low-Cost Hardwired TCP/IP Chip
CGM-101 USB Lab Instrument With Six-In-One Function
AG1022F Economical 25MHz AWG Signal Generator
PS6000 Series Deepest Memory High Performance PC Oscilloscopes
GSA Contract Holder Saelig Awarded Schedule 66 GSA Contract
Warrior Modules 'Warrior' I/O, Joystick, Mouse USB Modules
RevEng Systems Reverse-Engineering Tool for Recreating Schematics
A10150 Compact 150MHz Wideband Signal Amplifier
TG1006 Low Cost 10MHz DDS Function Generator FG with Quasi-Analog Control
PS5000 Flexible Resolution PC Oscilloscopes
CircuitMaster 4000M CircuitMaster 4000M Precision Active Oscilloscope
PP877 3-axis Accelerometer For PC Scopes
PLW111010 GaN-on-Silicon MAGIC White LEDs
PS9300 20GHz Bandwidth PC Oscilloscopes
GSP-930 3GHz High Stability Spectrum Analyzer Now Sale-priced
GW RF Trainer Bundle 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer/RF Trainer Combo
Dataman 48Pro2C New Device Programmer is 70% Faster than Its Predecessor
Dataman S6 Programmer Handheld USB-Powered Universal Chip Programmer
Xprotolab Portable Smallest Handheld Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope with AWG
WP-2L Series IP65-Compliant Fanless Touch Panel PC Series
SP-0L Series Rugged Fanless 8.4" to 19" Touch Panel PCs
ScanaPLUS Economical 9-Channel Logic Analyzer
QPX1200SP PowerFlex LXI 1200W Benchtop Power Supply
TF960 Low Cost High Resolution 6HHz Counter-Timer
APSYN420B Economical 0.65 - 20GHz Fast-Switching Synthesizer
JTAGMaster Universal PLD Test Systems
Afinia H479 Affordable Ready-to-Run 3D Printer
GA4063 Advanced, Economical 9kHz - 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Sys 8 Diagnostic Solution PC-based Universal PCB Test System
APPH30G New 5MHz to 30GHz Phase Noise Tester
PS3207A/B World's First USB 3.0 PC Oscilloscope
PSA Series II Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer
GL SPECTIS Touch-operated Precision Portable Spectrometer
EPIC Vehicle Demo Kit Sensor Solution to Monitor Driver Fatigue
TEG4000-1 Flash Drive Sized 4GHz Synthesized RF Signal Generator
BoardMaster 8000 Plus BoardMaster Universal PCB Test System
Impact-E Series Low-cost High-performance Embedded PC
imPart Plessey's Ground-breaking Contactless Gesture Recognition Technology
TelemakusUSB Novel USB RF Modules for Economical Configurable RF Test Measurements
iDVM iPhone-Enabled Wireless Multimeter
imPulse imPulse ECG Personal Monitor
MV600UM2 New Low-cost High Power USB Inspection Microscope/Magnifier
eRA-Connect2-Pi New Low-cost Wireless RaspberryPi Modules
BT-168D Compact Universal Battery Tester
eRA-Arduino-S900 New Low-cost Wireless Arduino Shield
SENTRY SENTRY Counterfeit IC Detector
PS25203 Novel Sensor For Low-cost Automotive Detection System
ODP3032 High Performance 3-Ch 195W Power Supply
SDS5032E New Low-cost, Versatile 30MHz Oscilloscope
WizFi630 WizFi630 - the Easiest Way to Wirelessly Connect Devices to the Internet
EL-WiFi-TH WiFi Temperature & Humidity Data Logging Sensor
HM572N New Oscillators For Low Cost EMI Reduction
eRA Modules New Low-cost Wireless Modules
RWT410/420 Smart Sensor - All Torque, All the Time
APPH6000RM-IS New 5-6000MHz Phase Noise Tester
SDS9302 New Low-cost 300MHz Oscilloscope With Deep Memory
SFP1215W Lightweight Forensic EMI Pouch w/USB2.0 Port for Field Investigations
PS25451 Low-Cost EPIC Sensor For High-Volume Remote Sensing Consumer Applications
CM-500W3A iOs-Compatible Economical Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanner
LED-Warrior01 Efficient, High Brightness LED Controller
USB2ISO Compact USB2.0 Isolator Introduced by Saelig
LOG Storm 'LOG Storm' High-speed Digital Data Logger
breezeSONIC Unique Self-powered Alarm Anemometer
WizFi210 & WizFi220 New Easy-use Serial-WiFi Module
W7200 New ARM + Hardwired TCP/IP Chip
ezLCD Easy-to-Program Smart-Touch LCDs
PS4262 USB 16-bit 5MHz Oscilloscope
Xminilab Tiny New DIP Oscilloscope Module
PCIe-200 Series New Range of PCIe Digital I/O Cards
I-Prober 520 Unique Circuit Track Current Probe
FTR-Birdie New Fault Tracker Detects Problems in Complicated Electrical Control Systems
Replicator™ New Affordable Prototyping 3D Printer
EPIC Sensor Novel Electric Potential Sensor for Non-contact ECG and Gesture Measurements
MSO-28 New USB 60MHz Oscilloscope/Logic Analyzer
WIZ820IO  New Economical All-in-one Ethernet Module
WiPry-Combo World's First iPhone - based WiFi Spectrum Analyzer and Power Meter
PS2205-MSO New USB Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes
Impact-E70 Series NEW Intel core i5/i7 Industrial Rack-mount & Embedded Systems
USB-PET Packet-Master USB-PET Protocol and Electrical Tester
SDG1005/SDG1050 New Economical 5/50MHz Signal Generators From Saelig
WS8351/WS8352 Advanced 350MHz AFG Signal Generators
MSR145 New Mini Datalogger Now Stores Over One Billion Measurements
Tabor Saelig and Tabor Electronics Announce New Distributorship Agreement in US
MV200UM New Low-cost USB Microscope/Magnifier
GALEP-5 GALEP-5 Universal Device Programmer from Conitec
PicoLog CM3 New USB/Ethernet Line Current Data Logger
Signal Wizard 3.0 Powerful Multichannel Audio Signal Processor
PS6407 USB-powered 5GSa/s Digitizer
TGR6000 New Fast-Sweep RF Signal Generator
MOACON Saelig Debuts New Modular C-programmable Control System
SDS6062 Saelig Debuts New Low-cost 60MHz Oscilloscope With Deep Memory
 P4259 New Surface-mount HCSL Oscillators Targeting Volume Applications
C429-RS232 Versatile Serial Camera Module
iMSO-104 World's First iPhone based Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
VUB300 Tiny USB-to-SDIO Host IC
Xprotolab World's Smallest Oscilloscope
PL2771 SuperSpeed USB3.0 to SATAII Bridge Controller
SPI Storm First Serial Protocol Host Adapter Supporting Dual- and Quad-SPI Protocols
LoadSense Smart Load Sensor
PS4224-IEPE USB-Powered 20MHz Scopes With Integrated IEPE Sensor Drive and Huge Memory Buffer
APSIN20G New 20GHz RF Signal Generator
GP-24116/GP-24132 Powerful USB Digital Pattern Generators
USB-DrDAQ New Educational Scope/Logger
CM-500W3 High-performance Economical Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
SDDL1000 SD Bus Protocol Tracer
PoE Boards Easy-use Economical PoE Boards
IO-Warrior56 Universal USB Controller with 50 I/O Pins
Low Voltage Crystal Oscillators New Low Voltage Crystal Oscillators
JoyWarrior24F14 High Resolution USB-connected 3 Axis Acceleration Sensor with 125ug Sensitivity
ScanaLogic2 Full-featured Low-cost Logic Analyzer
TG5011 Aim-TTi's New 50 MHz Function Generator Sets new Price/Performance Point
PicoScope 9211A 12GHz TDR/TDT Sampling Oscilloscope
HDS3102MN 100MHz Handheld Oscilloscope
IOW24-DG Dongle for Economical USB to I2C Connection with No Software Driver Requirements
TF930 3GHz Counter with USB Control
MSR165 ThumbDrive-sized, Low-power Shock and Vibration Logger
TorqSense Patented Non-Contact SAW Torque Transducers - Available In Custom Ranges
Explorer EX260 USB3.0-ready EX260 Protocol Analyzer - designed for automated USB compliance testing!
Inc. 5000 List Saelig Company announced its debut on Inc. magazine's annual Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the US!
USB-485-K Self-powered, Isolated USB-RS422/RS485 Interface Converter Has Unique ID
PS5000 Programmable Data Acquisition Front-end For PC's - Streams Data at 6MS/s
PS3224/PS3424 Economical 12-bit 20MS/s PC Scope Adapter Has Fast 6MS/s USB Streaming Driver
PicoScope The World's Fastest USB Oscilloscope
CANstick Saelig announces CANstick - a versatile automobile diagnostic tool
AUTOMSIM New Design/Simulation Software for Electric/Pneumatic/Hydraulic/Digital Circuit
Emulin LINbus/J2602 Emulator Targets Automobile and Semiconductor Manufacturers
Signal Wizard II Instant Digital Filter Design
USB I2C/IO Instant Solution for I2C Control from PC's

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