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: May 30, 2019
Contact:   Alan Lowne, CEO, Saelig Company, Inc.
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Saelig Introduces Economical SAE106S Digital PCB Microscope
High resolution inspection tool with built-in LCD designed for standalone PCB inspection

Fairport, NY, USA:  Saelig Company, Inc. announces the introduction of the Saelig SAE106S Digital Microscope, a versatile tool designed specifically for PCB inspection, but it will also prove to be useful in many other fields such as coin or mechanical part examination.  The SAE106S may be used as a standalone inspection device for circuit board examination using its built-in 4.3” LCD screen, or it may also be connected to a PC.  Illumination is enhanced by an 8-LED adjustable ring light and two additional repositionable, dimmable side lights to allow optimal contrast viewing.  The SAE106S offers 10X-220X magnification for discovering the smallest blemish or trace problem, and resultant images and videos may be stored on an SD card or transferred to a Windows PC.  The SAE106S features a large non-conducting ABS plastic base for supporting the PCB being examined.

Visual inspection is a premier tool in PCB debug activities.  Searching for missing, incorrect or charred components, bad solder joints, and solder bridges is the first order of business when a bad board comes in for repair. This becomes so much easier with a powerful microscope such as the SAE106S.  Looking for solder whiskers or bridges between pads or solder joints is especially challenging between the pins of fine-pitch SMD chips without significant magnification.  If the problem is a short, it may be plainly visible on the full-color LCD screen as a burned spot that is discolored brown, instead of the normal green solder mask of the PCB.

The SAE106S Digital PCB Microscope is available now from Saelig. 


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