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: October 26, 2017
   Alan Lowne, CEO, Saelig Company, Inc.
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Saelig Introduces Spectran V5 20GHz Realtime Spectrum Analyzer
Patented handheld RF spectrum analyzer enables continuous analysis and real-time data streaming

Fairport, NY:  Saelig Company, Inc. announces the availability of the Spectran V5 Series 20GHz Realtime Spectrum Analyzer - probably the world’s first real-time handheld RF spectrum analyzer.  With a frequency range from 1Hz to 20GHz and a sensitivity of -170dBm/Hz, this versatile wireless tool enables continuous signal analysis and real-time data streaming to memory. A significant feature is the use of polyphase-filters, which can even be used overlapped and shifted.

In addition to 'real-time' measurements of all frequencies concurrently, the Spectran V5 also offers a conventional ‘swept spectrum analyzer’ mode via an ultra-fast Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) sweep.  The V5 provides up to 800MSa/s I/Q for extremely fast frequency hops of the local oscillator. This design allows for sophisticated measurements over the full frequency range and offers a pulse detection of 10ns, with 20GHz scans or logs performed in less than 20mS.

The Spectran V5 uses a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) for signal processing, with a vector processor for statistical analysis and demodulation. The CPU is a powerful Dual Core Blackfin DSP-CPU, which also drives the 800 × 480 pixel high-resolution color display and touch screen.  Incoming signals are sampled by a realtime 14 Bit A/D converter, providing a dynamic range of 80dB, and are stored in a 200GB capacity internal memory.

A USB 2.0 connection allows a PC to control the V5 or to show analysis results with a larger display.  The included RTSA PC Analysis software turns the V5 into a fully-featured benchtop spectrum analyzer, providing powerful field analysis or comprehensive benchtop laboratory measurements. The RTSA software is available for MAC OS, Linux and Windows and comes with lifelong free upgrades.  

Available in 4 different versions, the V5 offers solutions for almost every application and budget. Additional options and accessories for the Spectran V5, such as a 6GHz IQ vector signal generator, a 40GHz oscilloscope/peak power meter, an OXCO time base or a GPS Logger including compass, gyro, tilt and barometer, are also available to extend the V5’s usefulness.  An integrated 8000mAh lithium polymer (LiPo) battery gives a standalone operation time of two hours for this lightweight (2lb) handheld RF reference tool.  

Designed for applications such as spectrum studies, RF and microwave measurements, interference hunting, compliance testing or Wi-Fi and wireless network measurements, the SPECTRAN V5 is the ideal RF spectrum analyzer for making fast, reliable and cost efficient measurements.

Made in Germany by Aaronia AG, Europe’s award-winning, innovative manufacturer of RF site survey tools, handheld spectrum analyzers, antennas and EMC test probes, the Aaronia Spectran V5 is available now from Saelig Company, Inc., technical distributor for Aaronia USA.


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